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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Got A New Pet. Her Name is Ember.

Played: 4.5 hrs I think (don't remember time I got on) I get on to do Nest quest again along with other quests I have open. Building the fame fame yo! So I am in Sandy. I wonder what other quest i can start to gain some more fame. So I decide to do the DRG quest. Inchigo said he wants to do it too. However, he said he was in a party but he wants to do it with me. I said okay. I started the quest while I was in San D. I did all except for the parts that require to leave San D. I head to Jugner to do the Nest & Grimy Post quest. While I was there, I found some nice scenery. Photobucket Photobucket I finish the quest and head back to San D just in time for Inchigo to finish the preliminary part of the DRG quest. We then go to the Maze of Shakrami to dig up Wyvern egg. Inchigo got it on first try. I had to hunt around the whole place to get my own. Then we had to go back to San D. Then we had to go to Meriphitaud Mountains to trade egg to Dragon spine. While I was there, I get the clay tablet for the Nest quest. From there, we have to go to Ghelsba Outpost to fight the Dragon. It went pretty smoothly. Kirinkage helped us with the Dragon. I forgot to take picture of the fight. I named my dragon EMBER. Inchigo named his FIREWING. We head back to San D to try out the job. There weren't any spears in AH so Inchigo made some for us. Yay! We head into E Ronf to test out. We ended up leveling DRG to 8 before the night ended.. Here are some pics: Photobucket Photobucket When I head to San D to shut down, this little Taru asked me for a pearl. His name is PhilCollins, lol. I think he's not from the US. He may be Japanese. He's a level 16 WHM. I go to Selbina real quick to turn in clay tablet for another Selbina clay. On the way there was a level 16 DRG in the Dunes. His dragon's name was MIKAN. I was going to choose that name at first. Glad I didn't. I chose Ember because I haven't seen anyone with that name. I head back to mog in San D and shut down.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boo Yah! I got it. I got It. I Finally got it.

Played: Forever (I believe the longest time ever 5:40pm to 12:40am) I get on to do some more Crawlwer's Nest map quest. I was in San D when I logged on. I was supposed to stop and get a supply run to Derfland. Of course I forget. I warped to Jeuno immediately. I rented a chocobo to Rolanberry Fields to find the monument there. I find it without any difficulty .I had to get off of my chocobo, darn it. I'm lazy. I hate walking. I had to walk back to Jeuno. I don't remember how I got to Selbina. I think I used my Kingdom Collar. I hand in tablet to guy and get more clay. For the whole day I have gotten 4 monuments and spent 1500 on transportation alone. The easy one in W Ronf had me searching for 45 mins. The last one I got for the night was Tahrongi Canyon. I didn't have time to get that back to Selbina yet. During my monument hunt I did manage to do the Derfland supply quest. I can now OP warp to Pashow Marshland. I can't understand why I would want to go there. It's all wet and muggy there. However, when I got the Tahrongi monument I got help to finish mission 4-1 by Kirinkage and Ridant. So I warp to Jeuno from Tahrongi. Kirinkage and I chocobo to Beadeaux. Ridant OP warped to, guess where, Pashow. We meet up in front of Beadeaux. We find the 2 NM's to fight. Ridant D2'd me back to Jeuno so I can get the other 2 items needed to finish the Beadeaux part of 4-1. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket So I chocobo back to Beadeaux. Ridant & I make our way to the magicite. I get it. Then Ridant went AFK. He came back and D2'd me back to Jeuno. He had to log. The top he wears is hot. It can only be worn by 70+ BLMs. Damn. Anyway, I jumped off topic. I meet Kirinkage in Meriphitaud Mountains by Castle Oztroja. Photobucket We go thru and take care of business. I get the last magicite and warp to Jeuno and finish the mission. RANK 5 BOOO YAH!!!!!!! Now I need to find an easy way Selbina. I was gonna OP warp to Jeuno from Qufim, but then I remembered I just got my airship pass. I can use it. So I took my first ride from Jeuno to San D. Woo hoo. Photobucket I then OP warp to Dunes the head to Selbina to do the trade with the mayor. I now have completed 8/15 monuments. Yay. Now that I got the airship pass I can get to the other areas faster. Yay!!!! I head back to San D (OP warp). When I get back to San D I decide to clean house. Sold items, rearrange stuff, etc. Then I log.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Smashing Boxes and Spreading Holiday Cheer

Played: 3 days various hours Day 1: I get on to do some more Nest quest. I also have to finish my supply run to Pashow Marshlands. However, I get a level sync party immediately in Crawlers Nest (hidden room). I head there with some party members. The party sucked. The puller kept bringing mobs back towards me while I am healing which of coure aggros. I am in the back and they level sync to 40 below so I don't have refresh. I had to raise people twice. All in all, I didn't level and party disbanded when SAM had to leave. I warp back to Jeuno. So I leave Jeuo for the swampy place. I figure I kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I chocobo to the OP to find out my supplies were expired. Didn't realize it was Sunday. So I continue on to find monument. I fought 2 Marlboros to get clay tablet. I use my Kingdom collar to Warp to San.D.. I rent another chocobo to get to Selbina to turn in clay tablet to get more clay. I decided to do 2 more monuments close to Selbina. I do the Valkrum Dunes then Konschtat Highlands. In Konschtat I kill an Battering Ram equivalent. I do the swap in Selbina as usual. I am too lazy to walk back to San.D., so I OP warp. I head to mog to log. Day 2: I get on bored. I'm in San.D., so I decide to level SMN and participate in the festivities. I see the boxes in W Ronf when I go out to kill but I have no idea what to do. I bump into my friend Anukanasomune. Haven't seen her in a long time. She showed me how to do the events. We kill boxes for tokens. Photobucket While I was out there I give her a sack for my LS to both her alter and main character. I get dream food, platters and clothes. We exchange cards for tokens and gifts. We carolled and got tokens and goodies. She gave me 100k gil. That was shocking and nice of her. I bought 3 christmas trees (1 for each Nation). She then invited me into her mog to show me how her place was. She said she's maxed out in space and even have her mog locker rented until 2013. She gave me seeds and a scroll of Protect IV. I leave her mog and enter my own and I log for the night. Day 3: I get on to do more holiday event and more leveling SMN. When I go out, I don't see anymore boxes. So I kill mobs with Carby (Carbuncle). My bro, Kirinkage, said he'll come powerlevel me since he was in the area. I said sure. Ding! I level to 7. Boo ya! I also get some chests. I get a temporary remedy and a pair of leather highboots. I can use them for my THF or DNC. I couldn't open the last chest (sad face). My brother then disappeared with another DRG to do a BCNM40. I asked him how was he going to powerlevel me with DRG. He doesn't have a mage job, lol. He laughed. As he left, the boxes started to appear. I kill the boxes and get my gifts. Then I got bored of it. I go to my mog to reorganize. I ended up buying 2 more armor boxes. I place my trees out to show. Took pics too. SB&SHC-1 SB&SHC-5 SB&SHC-2 I found out the Dream platter and stockings have storage of 2. I was going to drop them like I did with other event items that I didn't need. So I got some more organizng to do though. I have to some quests to get rid of some items I have in my possession. I also have to do some opening of chests in garlaige and delkfutt towers. I change into my RDM before I log off.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Skill Ups Are So Hard To Do..

Played: 3 Hrs Got on to skill up sword and to start the Crawler's Nest Map Quest. And maybe farm. I need that map before I do my AF2 quest. It requires me to run around that place of death. So I head to Selbina to start quest. I also buy some spells. I start running around E. Ronf looking for the monument. I found out that I have to go back to Selbina to trade in after each monument. I grow sick of it. I only get one monument. Lol. My brother, Kirinkage, gets on and invites me to a skill up party with him in the Shitadel. So I join him. We take on beetles & bats. Then Titen decided to join us as his BRD. We took skeletons and bogey's too. Then Titen got bored and left. Then Kirinkage & I found ourselves in trouble with some Citadel Bats. I put sneak on. Kirin thought he was high enough. Then we were fighting for our lives. Then Inchigo was there so I invited him to our party so he can help. He did. We were in the clear then Kirin aggro'd again & Inchi was not around. So Kirin told me to zone. I was going back to raise him but he HP'd. Inchi & I walked back to Jeuno together. I log off. All in all, I raised my sword skill from 98 to 111. But I also leveled to 46. So now my cap moved from 132 to 142. Swell. I got a lot of work to do. I also have to raise my enhancing, elemental and healing levels too. I have to work like crazy. Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AF1 - Got It!!!!!!!

Played: 3 hours Got on to start my quest for AF1 armor for my RDM. It's called Fencing Degen. It gives the following stats: MP +10, Def: 22, Delay: 224, INT +1 and MND +1. I love the MP part but hate the delay. I don't like delays at all. Now I don't have to buy another sword, unless it gives more MP. So I get on and started chatting with LS and folks thru tell. I get in touch with an old LS mate named Delvega. He agrees to help with the AF quest when he's finished with his party. So I decided to finish the last 2 quests I had open. I made 5.350 from them. I hope it increased my fame in San.D.. In an hour, Delvega said he's ready. So he met us (Kirinkage -DRG63 and me - RDM45) in San.D.. We OP warp to Jugner and enter Davoi. I maintained Invisible while running through Davoi. We were going to areas that would aggro me. Del & Kirin fought the NM Purple-- whatsawho'sit and I got my Storage Key. This only took 15 minutes. Then we started searching throughout Davoi looking for the damn Storage Depot. It moves every 1 Vanad'iel hour. This is ridiculous. SE has to do something about that. I had to sit around for 1.5 real life hours trying to find the SOB. Just as I was about to call it a night, Del found it. We (Kirin & myself) booked it there as fast as possible before it moved again. I got what I needed and I used my Kingdom Collar and warped back to San.D.. I finish the Quest and got my sword. I was so tired and irritated that I couldn't enjoy it. SE really need to give RDM quests a redo and make them reasonable. Wasted a good chunk of time looking for a stupid hole in the ground. But alas I have it. Maybe I'll get excited the next time I'm on. BTW, my linkshell Valour Kingdom is now defunct. I can toss the pearl.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm The Party Starter

Played: various times 3 days Day 1: Got on when I finished catching up with RL stuff. I promised to party with Titen but I told him I wanted to finish another leg of the 4-1 mission. Of course he didn't hear me. So he started a party and then got mad at me. Anyway, I went ahead with my plans. I ended up going to Davoi first. It was supposed to be the easiest between Davoi, Castle Oztroja, and Beaudeaux. Well I found an old LS mate from KnightClub that hasn't been on for a long time; Fawnaa. She agreed to help me with this part. We meet at entrance to Davoi. We get to the special wall we needed to enter we get aggro'd by the 2 Orcs that protect it. Fawnaa was a level 53 while I was 41. They registered as Too Weak To Be Worthwhile to her. So of course, we died. My bro Kirinkage said he'll come to raise us. He's same level as Fawnaa. He starts fighting the 2 Orcs. He wasn't not making any dent to killing them when my friend SBrightblade says hello to me. I asked him if he can come raise me, Fawnaa, and Kirinkage (whom I thought was going to die also). Kirin actually just barely killed both. He had to sit & heal before he could raise. He raised Fawnaa first. Then S..blade made it and raised me. Fawnaa and I went through the wall. I got what I came for. As we were to head out, the Orc was right in our path. We had to wait until it moved. I got thru, cast invisible and made a mad dash out of Davoi. Didn't want to die again. I ended back in Davoi to get Fawnaa. She didn't have a map. I headed back to Jeuno. I created a party for the rest of the night. Kirinkage was in it. We ended up going to Western Altepa Desert. This was my first time there. Photobucket We partied, but I didn't level at all. Actually, we died towards the end. The SCH was AFK for way too long and beetles linked and we died. In the following order: BLM, PLD,DRG,MNK,RDM (me). The SCH didn't die, of course. So we just disbanded. I logged off disgruntled. Day 2: I was badgered into getting on to level my character to 46. Ok, I wasn't badgered. I was asked, lol. Just a little exageration. I only had 2 hours to play. So I get on and I wait for party. We end up going to hidden room in Crawler's Nest. I have a good time. I leveled from 41 to 43 there. I didn't take any pictures. I had to use convert maybe 3 times. I found out that there is a 10 min waiting time between uses. I also fell in love with the spell Refresh. I don't know what I was doing without it. I will never level sync below 41 with my RDM now. I am now spoiled. But I gained 2 levels in 2 hours. That was pretty cool. Day 3: I get on cause I called in sick from work today. I actually just wanted to update the game. I get on ran around a bit. I talked with Inchigo for a while. He gave me seeds :-D for me to garden with. He's such a sweety. Then I got bored, so I formed a party. I got a PLD first, then BLM, then DRG, then THF, then MNK. We head to Western Altepa Desert again. Photobucket Photobucket I leveled twice here (to level 45) and the area started getting too easy so we moved to Quicksand Caves in Eastern Altepa Desert. This was also my first time here too. Photobucket Photobucket We did very well. I didn't level any more. I learned that the Emperor Band has a 14 hour re-use timer. Damn them. After a while I decided to log. I got 5.8k/7.2k to level 46. At end we ended up disbanding.I headed back to San.D. so I can start the AF1 quest when I log back on. I plant 3 seeds and log.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tele-Crystals A-Go!!!

Played: 2 hours I get on thinking I was going to get a party. Of course I didn't. I was falsely advised that once I hit 41 I will be in high demand. Not... Anyhow, I say hello to my LS and Ridant was on. He got a party immediately, lucky him. I then started to chat with Kakida. We discussed VK and what he was doing. Then Ridant came back and told me he left his party and he's willing to take me to get some of my teleport crystals. I asked why he left the party. He said a person was afk way too long, so he left. I said cool. So I said I'll meet him in Bastok. I was going to chocobo there, but he suggested I get a tele-dem. I said ok. I shouted once and got an immediate response. Wow. He met me at the teleport. He escorted me to Altepa first. Then we went to Rabao to get maps. I bought all of them. He was nice to offer me 10k to buy the maps. I told I didn't need it, but thanks for offering. That was sweet of him. Then he Warp II me to Jeuno, so we can go to Kazham. I stopped at AH to decide whether I want to sell the Opaline dress I got. It sells for 350k for the 3 pieces. So I'm still thinking about it. We go to Kazham and get my crystal and then warp II me back to Jeuno. We said our goodnights. He logged then I did.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

See That Girl, Watch That Scene.. We Are The FFXI Team

Played: 2 days various times. Day 1: Got on and put my party flag up. I was in Jeuno. So I decided to start mission 4-1 for my airship pass. I didn't get an invite so I went to San.D. to level DNC. My brother decided to get on to powerlevel me. So we are in W. Ronf. I only attack Tough mobs. So it went pretty well. I love dnc for the healing ability (drain samba). I level to 8 pretty quickly. We went throughout W.Ronf. and LaTheine to get Toughs, before I decided to call it a day. I did get some seeds from a sapling in LaTheine to plant. I log off. Day 2 (11/30/08): I get on to level RDM. I put my flag up. I wasn't getting any hits, so I continued on my mission. On my way to the last person for mission, before the rough parts, I get an invite to level sync 38 in Gustav Tunnel. I accept. I chocobo it all the way to LaTheine & about to enter Dunes when the guy who invited me said not to come because half the people logged. So,I just wasted 178 gil. I then just decided to go to Selbina to buy some spells. I ended up buying Water II. I then just warp back to Jeuno. I go to the AH to buy Refresh and Ice Spikes. I then just decided to run and gather all the easy pieces for the 4-1 mission. As I got to the last person, I get an invite for a level sync 32 party. I asked where the party would be. She said the Shitadel. I reluctantly agreed. I actually choco'd there by myself. Woo hoo. Yeah but I have to admit it, I used the marker I created. Lol. I get there and find my party. It is as follows: PLD, SCH, RDM (me), WAR, SAM x2. We do well. Another mage to help heal while I enfeeb & nuke. I leveled to 40. Then one of the SAM leaves. Then Kirinkage comes and replaces him as a DRG. We do a couple of fights when the SCH and PLD leaves. Kirinkage changed to PLD and then SAM replaces DRG & SCH with DNC & SAM. We continue to fight. During a rest, the new SAM asks for a LS, so I give him one. I introduces him and hold a conversation. Now that I am the only mage, we can't pull as fast. So the DNC sent me a tell by mistake. He was complaining that we should be doing 3 to 4 skill chains back and forth. Well I had to tell him some stuff, of course. He ended up apologizing. After I level to 41 I left the party. So did Kirinkage. I warp back to Jeuno and learned my new spells. Then I go out and try them out. Ice spikes is the bomb. I also learned how to use my convert job ability. Then I go in and try on the outfit for 40 that has no necessary function but to run around in. Nothing but DEF:2. RDM- Level 41 & DNC - Level 8 - Rank 4 Aren't I cute?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leveling Thief

Played: 2 hours So I have been trying to get my game working on my new MacBook Pro. However, I'm having a hard time of it. So the last time it worked to a point, I chocobo'd from Jeuno to San.D.. I haven't used the laptop since. Okay, so I get on my PS3 today. I decide to level up my THF to 15. Before I do any leveling, I was having a convo with Inchigo. I got some goodies in my delivery box. Then I changed my job to THF/DNC. I clear up my inventory. I head to W. Ronf.. I kill and kill and kill. I level to 10. Now I can use Drain Samba. Now my killing is uninhibited. I get hp as I kill. Yeah man. I leveled to 11 with a good buffer. Then I started to get tired. So I head towards San. D.. Now that I am heading home, I get party invites. Wow. I turn them down. On my way home I see my friend Vourant. I gave him a linkshell. Then I headed home and and sold stuff. Traded my crystals to the guard to increase my rank points. I need rank points full to start mission 4 for airship pass. I log off.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lip Service

Played: 4 hrs or so I get on to play THF/DNC so I can get THF to 15 and to get crystals to trade in for Rank Points. I was in E. Ronf. killing when Titen sends me a tell. He asked to join me. I said sure. I was heading to W. Ronf. anyway. He met up with me in W Ronf. He invited me to his party. Then we learned a lesson. Level Sync has a minimum level. The lowest level you can sync to is 10. Oh well, I am 9 with my THF. I kill without getting exp. Then Titen says he'll be right back. I said ok. I continue to fight. I get exp now because he's in another zone. Yes! He then disbands the party. Oh well. I continue to kill, kill, kill. Titen logs back in under his mule, Shortyrockrock. He is now convincing me to party with my RDM. I hold out for a while. Because I'm not making any progress with THF, I decided to join. Also I want to increase my sword skill. It's horrible that it is so low for my level. It was a mere 83. It should be around 100 or around there. I give into his demand. I decided to choco to Jeuno to meet him. As I started the choco ride, my game actually got frozen. I had to restart my game console. I log back in and I was still on my chocobo. I get to Jeuno, he tells me to meet at the Shitadel. I said okay. He then tells me to get to Sauramonge Champaign from Battalia. Told him he was too late, I was already in Jeuno. I choco it to the Shitadel. I don't know how to get there. I send him a tell. Instead of answering my question, he gives me lip about I shoulda did this, I shoulda did that. I told him if he doesn't just give me the damn directions, whether it was South East or South West, I was heading back to Jeuno. Then he finally tells me. Retard. Of course, during battle, he's still fussing at me about doing this and that. I told him to let me do my thang and to leave me be. I was enfeebling and using my sword. I was doing very well. During battle, my new friend, Sbrightblade, started a convo with me. I talk to him between battles. Then Shorty died when a beetle killed him that spawned by him. After an hour or so, the PLD leaves, then a DD, then the WHM. Kirinkage replaced the PLD. Shorty got another WHM and WAR. This new party line up was a bit annoying. The WHM wasn't healing well so I had to back up heal while I was doing my thing. Then the WAR pulled too damned fast. He said he was teaching us how to do skill & exp chains. Well alrighty then. No one died, so we were all good. I had to leave it was 1:27 am. Time for me to go beddie by. In the party awhole, I level twice to new level of 39 and my sword skill rose to 96. All in all,it was a good night. And I didn't even use an exp ring. Photobucket Night Night, I'm going to bed now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Do This Man!!!

Played: 2 Days for various times Day 1 (11/17/08) I get on to continue questing until I get a party invite. I am in San.D.. when I logged on. So I jumped on a chocobo to head to Jugner to finish a quest. I find the guy I'm supposed to be looking for. But I had to get off of the chocobo to do it. So I just used my warp scroll to Jeuno. All the while I've been carrying on a convo with Inchigo. When I hit Jeuno, I still didn't get an invite. So I decide to level my sword skill. It is extremely low. So I head into Battalia Downs by myself. I buffer up and fought couple tigers and gobs. Inchigo decided to join me because he has to level up his dagger. So we duo throughout Battalia. At first round, we level synced to his level (30). Inchigo took on a crab. As I was going to start, I get aggro'd by a gob. I completely forgot I had on level sync. So of course we both died. No biggie. We came back out again. We killed for another hours or so. My sword skill went up from 80 to 87. Pretty good. However, my skill is supposed to be around 109. So I'm still behind. I want to get another weapon skill. Photobucket I log after an hour. Day 2 (11/19/08) I get on to finish mission 3-3. Kirinkage got on to help me. We head to Delkfurt Tower in Qufim. I cast sneak and invisible through the whole experience. Kirin killed the NM that drops the Delkfurt Key. I get the mission done without dying once. I get rank 4 along with 5k gil. Pretty decent. I also realized, that I get to keep the delkfurt key. There's a chest/coffer in the tower in the same room with the NM. I'll probably do that at level 60 or so. I head back to Jeuno. I then chocobo'd back to San.D. so I can complete mission and trading crystals to signet guard for rank points. I need a whole lot of crystals to fill my rank points before I can start the one & only mission for Rank 4. I get airship pass plus 10k gil for this mission. Woo Hoo. I log off in San.D..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bickering At The Party

Played: dunno I got on to continue to do quest in San.D. to build my fame. I check my delivery box to find a whole lot of stuff. Money from a sale at the AH and then a bunch of odd equip from Titen. I try to empty the delivery box but my inventory is full. I try to make room. I still don't have any room. All the while, Titen is sending me tells. He asked me if I wanted to party. I said sure, why not. However, he sends more shit. He doesn't tell me why. I have no room. I ended up buying 2 more armor boxes, selling all my crystals, and all of my cooking supplies to make room. I seriously need to make some Jeuno fame so I can do the "Gobbie Bag" quests. I finally get my inventory, storage, and safe completed when Titen said to meet him at the outpost in W Ronf. I get there, he's naked. I asked him why is he's naked. He asked me to trade him his stuff. I said what stuff. He said the stuff he sent. I said I don't have it. It's in my mog. How was I to know he wanted his stuff back. He didn't give me any instructions when he sent the stuff. Any how, we ended up going back to San.D. to get his stuff from my mog house. I ended up having to run around again, cause he gave me more stuff. He has mad stuff to give away. I told him to give some to Kirinkage. I have no room. So we head to Jeuno via chocobo. In Jeuno, he assembled a party. He asked me to ask Inchigo to party but Inchigo wanted to log off. So we ended up in the Shitadel again. On the way, the COR couldn't remember how to get to the Shitadal. So, Titen being the rude guy he is, somewhat called him a retard. I was trying to squash the little squabble. By time I get to camp, I was trembling in fear. I almost fell down one of the holes in the ground. I hate the Shitadel. Anyhoo, after 2 fights, the COR left without word. I figure it was because of Titen and his rudeness. But apparently the rest of the party wasn't too happy with him. I was concentrating on my job. However, thru the whole party, Titen and I were bickering thru tells. I did get 2 levels thru the parties and my enfeebling skill went up drastically. It's like 114 now. I just need to get my sword skill up. I was super tired, so I logged. Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, November 8, 2008

3 Deaths = 2 Levels

Played: forever.... lol just kidding, probably 7 hrs, the longest I played I got on thinking of doing a BCNM fight to get my scroll of Phalanx. I got Kirinkage to help. So I asked Titen. He made the effort so difficult. He just couldn't give me a straight answer. It's quite annoying. So my thrill was lost. I got on talking to everyone on my LS. I started off in San.D.. I then teleported to Quifm to get to Jeuno. I went to check the spell of Phalanx. That scroll costs 30k gil. DAMN!!!!!!!! It would've been better to do the BCNM. However, the Titen the bitch, no no whiner is more like it, gave me the scroll, some birds' beaks, some birds' feathers, and tons of wind crystal. I guess he making up for irritating me so. He drives me insane. He can't give a straight answer. Anyway, I got off subject. As I ran from Qufim to Jeuno, I must've passed Shallia. When I was running around Jeuno, she started a tell convo with me that was weird. I'm not her favorite person. This is roughly how the convo went. Shallia: Hello Me: Hi Shallia: How are you doing? Me: Good, and you? Shallia: I'm good. Are you looking for a party? Me: Not really, just running doing errands. Shallia: What have you been up to? Me: Running around, leveling,farming, the same old. What have you been up to? Shallia: Leveling NIN to 37. Me: Ok Shallia: It's nice talking to you. Me: What's up? Then I don't get a response. It was weird. It felt weird. At the end, I wanted her just to tell me what's up. Why she's trying to be nice to me when she doesn't want to be. Just weird. I got tired of running around, so I sat put and cooked. I peeled 2 stacks of crayfish and put it in the AH. Then I get an invite just as Kakida gets on LS. So I ask them if they 2 spots available. They said no. I then decide to form a party for the Shitadel. I get Titen, Inchigo, Oliphant, Kakida and myself. I just needed one person. Then Inchi said he can't party because it's too close to 10 pm and he had to got to work. I ended up getting a husband and wife team. We head out. We get there after the 3rd fight I die by sacrafice. I put divine seal on and hit curaga to save the whole party and the stinking beetle killed me. The party was still dying. So the BLM cast escape and they ended up back in Saramouge Champaign. Oliphant came to raise me. Of course running to get back to party, I died and Oliphant died right after me. Evez the husband of the duo left to change job to BLM to come back & raise us. Once he came, he raised and escaped us to Saramouge Champaign. We healed up and went back into the Shitadel while Evez went to go change back to THF. We fight on. After the 2 deaths I did level to 34 and then Titen had to leave. Then we replaced him with a WHM. We fought some more. Then Kakida and Oliphant had to leave. I was able to replace Kakida first with another WAR. I couldn't find a replacement for Oli. I ended up getting Kirinkage to replace him. We get to keep on fighting. However, there was this bat attacking me for no reason so I go to zone. Well I got the black downloading screen but I died. How the fuck did that happen? I zoned & I had enough HP to last. The WHM ended up coming to raise me. This was the 3rd time I died for the night. Either way I ended up leveling to 35 with a great cushion. At the end (2:30 am), I said I had to go. I used my warp scroll. I end back to Jeuno and shut down.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

RDM - Level 33 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours I got on because I wanted to. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I wasn't feeling party. So I went around selling goods, checking my delivery box and my plants. Two out of the 3 plants died T.T. I was only off for one day. I put on my party flag. If I get a party invite then I'd go party. After a while I decided to warp to Jeuno. I still had my flag up. I went to refresh my signet & obtain another Warp scroll. As I was heading back, I received a party invite. The party was going to be in Kazham level sync down to 29. I really didn't mind. As long as I had something to do. I immediately head to Kazham. The party consisted of the following: BLM, WHM, RDM, BST, PUP, WAR. It was a crazy party. 3 mages in a party is ridiculous. So I ended up meleeing while enfeebling. We did very well, though. I leveled to 33 after like 7 fights or so. I got to wear my Magna bodice. I looked sweet. I love it. I look hot!!!!! Photobucket After 4 more fights, the party disbanded. I warped back to Jeuno. I decided to solo in Rolanberry Fields. I took on a goblin. Then I decided to take on a wasp. As I was fighting the wasp, another goblin attacked me. I backed the wasp into the gates. I kill the wasp and went to fight the gobling that was attacking me. There were 2 other goblins around but I thought I was far away from view. Now those other 2 decided to join the fight. So I disengaged and ran to zone in Jeuno. I lived. Yay!!! I then decided to go fish. I go thru Qufim to teleport to San.D.. I went and bought some bait went to Knightwell in W.Ronf. After I ran out of bait I came back to San.D.. I checked AH for armor for my WHM. There weren't any there. I'll have to go to Jeuno. I decided to quit then and there. So I went back to my mog and logged.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Crafting & Fishing

I get on not knowing what I wanted to do. I didn't feel like partying. My brother suggested I start fishing. He said it'll help me with my cooking. Hot dog. I am dying to get my cooking skill up to make pineapple juice. It gives Refresh. So I run around San.D. looking for a rod and bait. I go to my mog house & put away stuff I really don't need to go fishing. As I am running around I am talking to Inchigo and my bro Kirinkage. We all end up at Knightswell Lake in W. Ronf.. We fish. I fish & cook simultaneously. RDM - Crafting & Fishing I had so much fun. I spent 1.8k buying supplies. I recouped 9k in selling the goods. So in all I made a 7.2k profit. Pretty good huh. I logged off with items on AH. My cooking leveled from 1 to 3. And my fishing skill went from 0 to 2. I am a leveling fool. I need wind & fire crystals though. I ran out of them. I am so happy about all of this. Anyway that was my day.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo Yah! Level 25 - Captured!

Played: 4-5 hrs I got on to get that last level to get my WHM to 25. I formed a party in Qufim. It went pretty well. I had most friends in the party except 2. One of the 2 I have partied with the whole time I've been in Qufim with my WHM. I had Oliphant (PLD - friend), Chig (BLM - friend), Kirinkage (DRG - brother), myself (WHM), Tyranor (WAR - partied with before) and Zombii (MNK). We meet by tower. We kill, but the experience was getting sucky, so we went inside the tower. The last time we were here, it was me, Inchigo, Kirinkage, Oliphant, Kakida, and someone else and we were murdered. Well I exagerate, 5 were murdered by an NM and me, I died by Seeker Bat as I was trying to zone. However, let's not reflect on that. We get in, & we do well. I did level to 25 before we entered the tower, but the party was too much fun. We started getting bad experience points. Chig never gotten her Kazham pass yet so we couldn't go to Kazham. We eventually had to disband because Oli & Tyranor had to go. I head back into Jeuno and learned the scroll of Raise. Now if I am playing & there's a nomad moogle close by I can switch jobs & raise people. Woo Hoo. I ended up going to San.D.. to start mission 3-1 Infilitrate Davoi. Kirinkage escorted me on the mission. So I meet him at the entrance to Davoi. I changed into my RDM. I throw on invisible & I was good to go. I found the guy I needed to find. I talked to him and we bounced. We head back to San.D.. On our way Kirin and I kill a Battering Ram & I got the spoils. Then we arrived at San.D.. I went to finish up the mission. My next mission will be appointment to Jeuno. I then logged off.

WHM - Level 24 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hrs Got on to party with Inchigo. I spoke with him earlier on AIM. He said I should form a party and that's what I did. It was a pretty good party. We had as follows: WHM, WAR, THF,DNC, BLM, MNK It was pretty good. However, the very first fight I died. But then I was good after that. We played by the tower for crabs. Photobucket During the party this taru died and this is the convo Taru: Can you raise me? Me: Hold on. Taru: ok, but can you raise me? Me: Let me finish this fight I finish the fight Me: Hey Elmira can you raise that taru? Elmira: Sure Then thf brought another crab Me: Elmira will raise you after this fight Taru: ok Elmira is healing for mp to raise taru Taru2: Can you raise him? Me: I can't raise Taru2: Can't you raise him? Me: No I can't. I'm only level 22 Taru2: Take off level sync Me: I'm level 22 with or without level sync Taru2: You can raise him Me: WHM does not get raise until level 25 Then no more discussion. Elmira was about to raise Taru but he was impatient and hp'd. Oh well. That was weird. They see a WHM and automatically assume that they can raise. Well at least I know the job is wanted at times. I am almost at my goal. I want to take WHM to 25 before I go back to my RDM. I love RDM. However, I'm so confuswed what to macro. I have too many spells. I have more than spells than WHM and BLM. It's a costly job. But I love playing it. I'm a kick ass RDM.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WHM - Level 22 - Rank 3

Played: 2 hours I really haven't played for 7 days. I have been caught up in a book series. I'm still a bit obsessed with the book though. Yesterday, I got on to conquer the pull that the book was holding over me. So I got onto FFXI. I had no idea what I wanted to do. When I logged on, I was my WHM. Just as I said hello to 2 friends, I got a party invite for Qufim. I said okay and I'll meet them in Qufim by tunnel exit. I waited there. I saw Stormghost from my ls VK. He's been there everytime I've been partying in Qufim with my WHM. Just a bit weird. He's soloing in Qufim. Don't think I would solo in Qufim. I hate Qufim. My party finally showed up and we ended up running around the pond killing worms. We also had a powerleveler. What's my job? WHM. It's to heal all in my party. If a powerleveler is doing the same, what am I supposed to do? I can understand if he concentrated on curing the tank and I get everyone else. But no, that didn't happen. He was curing everyone. So I pretty much was partying doing much of nothing and getting exp. I leveled pretty quickly because of the powerleveler and I was not wearing my emperor band. I jumped 2 levels. During the time, couple of people died because they got aggro'd by a Wight & Banshee. I didn't die at all. I was so proud. Ever since I started partying with my WHM, I've died at each party. Anyway, I'm gone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Travels From The Past to Present

I can't tell you how many hours I played. I've been a bad girl Didn't have time to blog after each day. So now I am going to cram 3 to 4 days into this one blog. I get on as planned to level my WHM. I am still concentrating on getting it to 25 so I don't have to worry about it while I level my RDM to 50. I couldn't get a party as usual so I went to LaTheine to level by myself. I get bored because my linkshell VK was quiet and I don't go on TS because of Shallia. So I head back to San.D.. I checked my plants. I wish I was this dedicated to plants in real life. I decide to create my own linkshell. It's called Tiger's Domain. Of course, you'll always find the word Tiger in any name I create. I tried to get the bubble to be orange but it came out pink. Lol. I don't know anything artisty or computer graphicsy so it came out all wrong. I can't change it now. Titen comes on and sends me a tell. He asks what I was doing. I said I just created my ls. He asked if he can join. I said sure. He said he'll be right there. I said I would be in E. Ronf. Trying to get some flint stones from the worms. He gets there. I give him a sack. He helps me get some flint stones. He also gives me like 7 stacks of dark crystals. I need ice crystals though. I am trying to level my cooking, which is still level one and I joined the guild. I did cook pebble soup though. Making Pebble Soup I tell him I'm heading off. It was late. I get on another day And I was able to get a sack to Inchigo. I went partying in the dunes with my WHM. Bad party but I ended up with a new party. First party was leveled down to 12. The next party was my level so it was cool. I ended up dead twice this day. The first time the whole party was wiped out. Dead in Secret Beach The second time I was heading home and a gob got me. So I HP'd to Jeuno. I call out sick the next day because for the life of me I was sick. Since I had nothing better to do I get on early. I managed to get a sack to Oliphant. I was bored so I asked what everyone was up to (Oli, Inchi and Titen). Oliphant said he was doing quests. I asked which quests was he doing. He said he wanted to unlock DNC, NIN, and BLU. I decided to do DNC with him. It required us to run around Jeuno, then San D. And back to Jeuno. The last part though required us to go to the past. We go to the cavernous maw in Battalia Downs. Since this was both of our first times we didn't know where we would end up. He ended up in Rolanberry Fields and I got Battalia Downs. I was pretty lucky. I could've ended up in Sauramonge Champaigne or where Oli was. I had less ground to cover. I slap on Sneak and Invisble. Those spells didn't last very long. So I had to keep stopping and slap them on again. I was so close to Jugner Forest (my destination) when my invisi wore off right in front of a Tiger. Of course, I died. Dead in Battalia Past Titen happened to be in the past too. He came and raised me from the dead and healed me up. I slapped on invisi and sneak and headed to Jugner in my weakened state. I made it to the zone. I stayed in arch way in Jugner to heal after weakened state wore off. I slap on invisi and sneak again and head to lake. I didn't have much trouble. Jugner didn't have too many baddies. I get to lake find the ??? for the quest. I opted to warp home and not go back from whereth I came. So I used my warp scroll. I then head to finish my quest. I unlocked DNC. Oli was still in the past. Titen went to help him out and they both ended up dying. I log off to make dinner. Told them I'll be back. After dinner I log on to find Oli is still questing. This time he was questing for BLU and Whitegate items. I join him in doing the Whitegate items. I meet him in the dunes. We get 3 out of 6 items from the Dunes. Then we head to Gusgen Mines in Konschtant for a magicked skull. We were in there for at least a half an hour. We get on ship in Selbina heading to Mhaura in order to get to Burburimu. On ship to Mhaura Then Inchigo met us in Burburimu to get Dhalmel saliva and bloody robe. We did some farming. Not I though. No room in inventory :(. Oliphant left me and Inchi at beach. Inchigo and Me Farming Then Inchi and I went to warp home to San D.. I logged off in San D. I was tired. Next day I decided to try out DNC. I went out killing. I managed to level to 5. Then I decided to do the halloween event. San. D. NPC's are dressed up in Halloween gear. NPC dressed up in Halloween gear 2 NPC dressed up in Halloween gear I got a cloak and a necklace that will teleport me to San.D. chocobo stables. In Halloween Gear I head in. I then teleported to Qufim as RDM. On my way to Jeuno, I died by Dancing weapon. Got me where I wanted anyway. I go to Tenshodo to hand in items for my Whitegate pass. I also checked my plants. I log off. I get on next day and as my WHM. I thought I was still on my RDM when I got a party invite in Qufim. I accepted. I told them I'd be there when I get an escort through tunnel. I don't have sneak at level 18 WHM. I happened to see Oliphant online and I got him to escort me. I died though. There was 3 dancing weapons and Oli only got 2. The 3rd got me even though I was standing still. Oli raised me anyway. I made it out to my party. I partied until I hit level 20. I died once in the party, but the whole party was wiped out. I get to use sneak. I found my replacement and headed to mog and I shut down. I was tired. Plus I had to work today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

WHM - Level 17 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Got on again to level WHM. Screw Heroes. I can watch it on NBC.com. So I get on and played by myself for an hour and 45 minutes. I just leveled at the end of the 45 minutes. On my way back to San.D. I was bored. I got my friend Kakida to party with me with his RDM, level 18. On the way there Inchigo was asking what I was doing. I told him I just one guy to party with me. So Inchigo decided to join as his DNC, level 15. We OP warp to the Dunes. We head to the Oasis. I got a BRD, level 15 to join too. So, it's just the 4 of us. We all can heal, which was great. So we took a Gob and a Snipper. Then we moved camp to J-8. I don't know the name of the area. Little Party WHM Dunes We took on Snippers. Then we got the occasional Bat and Hare. We did pretty well for just the 4 of us. After an hour, we decided we were going to disband after Inchigo leveled to 16. That took another 15 mins. All in all, it was a fun party. I got my WHM to 2.1k out of 4k to level 18. I can go buy Shellra now. I think I will probably level WHM to 25 for now, before I get back to my RDM. That way, I'll have raise and I don't have to level WHM for a while. I can take my RDM to 50 without any issue. Plus, I'll automatically be able to use Raise once my RDM hits 38. I'm still on schedule as planned. I am not concentrating on SMN & THF for a while. During the time on I got onto ls TS. I said hello to all. I found out Shallia was on so I switched my ls to VK. I will definitely create a linkshell. I will invite all previous ls people of KC and other friends. I don't want to be on a ls where it's too congested where you can't get an answer to a question or help and a where you have people that don't like each other. That's my goal.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

WHM - Level 16 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours (10/11/08) Got on to level my WHM. There wasn't anyone looking for a WHM. That was truly strange. Everyone always looks for a WHM and PLD. A healer and a tank. So I decided just to go out a kill on my own. I head to LaTheine to level. I was out there for half an hour before I started to get bored. So I head back to San.D. to change my sub job to SMN. Then I headed back to LaTheine to continue to try to level. I was out there maybe 20 mins before I get a party invite. So I had to meet them in the Dunes. I head back to San.D. To change my subjob back to RDM and then choco'd to Selbina and changed my job there. I head to Lizard camp, by myself. I didn't get any aggros. I met my party. Consists of RDM, THF, WAR, WHM, SCH, and PLD. We finally set up camp. We were level sync down to 12. We took 2 lizards and got gimpy exp. I suggested we go into main part of Dunes, maybe Oasis. So it was finally decided that we were to go. WAR and myself asked leader to take off level sync just in casewe get aggro'd by something tough. She flat out said NO. So I just warned them that if I die, my HP is Jeuno and I am not coming back. So we made it out to main area close to Pugil beach. Then for some reason we started running North East. Then we zoned to LaTheine. I asked why did we do this. Leader said one member got aggro'd by gob. LMAO. We ran this far to zone. I then ask why didn't we just zone in Selbina. It was a lot closer to where we were than LaTheine. Idiots. If I knew what was going on, I would of just went straight to Oasis. I was talking to my linkshell, VK. I headed back in to the Oasis. So we are set back to level 12. They pull a snipper and we all died. They got someone to raise us. The leader decided to leave and left leadership role to THF character. She replaced RDM with PUP. However, we were just standing around doing nothing. Then someone else left and THF replaced him/her with this DNC who I happened to party with in Kazham (he was DRG then).Then my friend Titen joined us. I asked what we were waiting for. He started to powerlevel us. Just as we start a new fight DNC dropped the party. Son of a you know what, I knew that would happen. He's a 10 yr old kid. THF found another member just as fast. We finally took snippers. At some point I level 16. Then I had to leave. That party was a whole waste of time. It was frustrating. I never want to party with original leader ever again. Let me reprase that. I will party with her as long as she's not the leader. Next time I go on, I will form my own party. As a sad note, I think my favorite linkshell is over (KC). Everyone is now on Toy Soldier, which is cool, but it just doesn't feel the same T.T. I also have my very first person who doesn't like me on the game. That I know of. Inchigo's on the game fiance, Shallia. I may have mentioned her before. But she's just rude. I don't need her to like me though. But at least be cordial, damn. We're on another linkshell again. I don't comment when she's on. But anyway, I'm out of here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thieving Around

Played 1.5 hours Got on to check gift from Titen. Got some $$$ and 2 Astral rings. He's sweet. I appreciate it. Hope he doesn't think that he's going to get back into a relationship with me. Not going to happen. So with the new $$ I bought proper armor and a proper sword for my RDM. I put up the old 30 armor on AH. I should match now. All I have on increases my MP. The rings, however, moves 25 HP to MP. Since I was on I decided to head to San.D. to change into THF to play for an hour. I leveled to 9 in the hour. I ran back to San.D. changed to my WHM. I will level WHM next. It is only level 15. It needs to stay a good half of my RDM. So I'll probably level it to 25. SMN I will not level for a while. I may level THF first to 15. Just want it for Treasure Hunter. So I can farm effectively. Anyway.. I am gone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RDM - Level 32 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Went on to level RDM. I get on to find out no one is on my LS. So I sent Inchigo a tell. He said that LS leaders were temporarily banned. So he was invited me to his other LS called Toy Soldiers. Told him when I see him he can trade me one. So I decide I was going to make a party to go to Garlaige Citadel, which most people call the Shitadel. So I invited Inchigo, Kirinkage, Oliphant,and 2 unknown people. Oli was the PLD, Inchi was the WAR, Kirin was the DRG, the other 2 were a THF and WHM. A pretty good mix. We all gather in Port Jeuno to chocobo to the Shitadel. By time we get there, we lost our WHM, but I easily found another. We decided to kill gobs in Saramounge Champaigne while we wait for the WHM. We got 2 gobs. As we were fighting the 2nd gob, a skink attacked me. So when the gob was killed they took care of skink. The WHM finally arrived. We go in and find out we are to under leveled for the area, but we plowed on anyway. shitadel party We could only take on the bats. But we managed only 1 death. I leveled to 32 during the party.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Name is Carby .... Carbuncle If You're Nasty!

Played: Fri night & Saturday afternoon I get on to farm, farm and farm. I really need to get $$$ to purchase spells and gear. My friend Inchigo said he'll come farm with me in Burburimo Pennisula. So I get there before him. On my way there, I get 2 more weather effects. I farm leeches before he gets there. There wasn't much competition today. I get at least 6 vials of birds blood before he arrives. He joins me. So I get to farming again. Farming Leeches By time I'm done, I get 2 stacks and 3.Inchi gave me his 9 vials. In the end I came up with 3 stacks. Not bad. Besides bird blood, I also obtained a new weapon skill and exp. That's the best. So I return to Jeuno to sell the stacks. I get a fair amount of $$ from them. Then Kirinkage said he's bored. He said he'll take me to Beauc.. Glacier to get snow effect. So I chocobo it to San.D.. On the way I get another weather effect. So now all I have to get is snow and heat. I make it to San.D. and met up with Kirinkage. We head into Rageaumont Pass to get to B.Glacier. I had to use sneak and invisible. The spells didn't last long. The stupid bats aggro'd me everytime my spells wore off. We finally made it to the zone. I get snow and warp back to Jeuno. I wasn't going to thru that cave again until I'm leveled for it. I then choco it to V. Dunes to see if I can get heat. None. Damn. So I log off in Selbina. I get back Sat afternoon. I am still in Selbina. I go into Dunes. No heat. So I head to San.D. to see if anything sold. I get some good money. So I decide to head to Selbina to buy spells. However, I decided to take Leeches in V.Dunes. I was curious to see what they drop. Just as I finished the fight. Kirinkage (who's also in Dunes) sends a tell that Heat is on. So I run to Selbina as fast as my slow character can go. I get the effect. Kirin missed it by one second. So I head back into Selbina to buy my spells: Dia II and Protect II. Then I head to LaTheine to finish the SMN quest. I reach the destination in LaTheine to finish quest, but there are like 7 ghosts there. They all check as Too Weak To Be Worthwhile, but I have a lasting fear of them from Qufim. I braved it though. I go to the spot where I need to be. I trade the Ruby to the ??? for my SMN cut scene. I unlock the SMN job. Woo Hoo! I head back to San.D. to try it out. I put on my level one gear. I go into E. Ronf. to test out SMN. I pull him out. Carbuncle and me I then level to level 2. Then Kirin said he needs to start leveling his SAM to use with his DRG. So I said I'll party with him. I continue to level SMN until he gets to San.D.. I was able to get to level 4 by time he arrives. Side notde: Carbuncle (Carby) takes way too much MP. I have to dismiss him and heal after every fight. However, I get more MP than I normally got as WHM/RDM or RDM at the same level. Kirin says he's here. So I wait for him outside in W.Ronf. He comes out and we see an airship in the sky. airship in distance We then party. Kirin levels first. Then I level. We start taking on toughs because we have a 3rd member, Carby. Carby hits so much harder than me. He's good. Then Inchigo said he wanted to come and powerlevel us. I said okay. So we party. party with Carby After I hit level 6 we head back to San.D.. I was tired so I decided to switch back into RDM/WHM. That's for the next time I log on, I will party as RDM and get my levels up. I will also do supply runs and get tele-crystals. Plus to continue farming. Hopefully San.D. will still be in control of the Meriphaud mountains next week. I start my new schedule playing next week. I will be playing Thurs, Fri and either Sat/Sun.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My thoughts on the game after 4 months

Okay. I've been playing FFXI now for 5 months. As you probably can tell from my posts that I enjoy the game immensely. I've been playing since the beginning of June 2008. Personally, I'm not a gamer. Never really been one. I've had a PS1 and a PS2. And now I have PS3. Sounds like a dedicated fan to Sony? Yeah I am. I like the fact they are the only system out in the market that allows you to continue playing old games on their newer systems. However, I digress from my main topic, FFXI. FFXI keeps my interest in multiple ways: interacting with people all over the world, not redundant, and the scenery is gorgeous. Sometime I feel that this place, Vanad'iel, is alive. The game is also a great escape from a stressed reality. However, It's not like you can't get stressed out in the game. (You should seen me on Tuesday.) I was cussing up a storm because some Taru character kept stealing my leeches every time I attacked one. The S.O.B. I think her name is Natalieanne, I hope she reads this. You B@$&H!!!!! Anyway, I digress again. So far in the game I'm captivated and now I am playing this game more than watching TV. Even more than cleaning and taking care of house. In the coming weeks though, I will be getting back to my normal schedule. Play FFXI 2 - 3 times a week, do my consulting work, and hang out with friends. That's all after my regular 9-5 job. I have so much to do in life. I can't be in Vanad'iel all the time. Reality is where I need to be. Don't get me wrong. I still love the game. I look forward to playing it until I get bored with it, which I doubt it. I am looking forward to the new expansion pack they are creating. I haven't even made a dent in the ones that I already have. The latest update to the game came in Sept (2008) which included the level sync feature. I really okay with it if I only want to gain experience. However, if I want my skill ups and standard improvements, then I rather party the old fashion way. Anyway, you may see my blog be a little bit scarce as I get back onto a new schedule playing.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On The Road to Owning a Pet.

Played: 2.5 hours Got on to farm & start the SMN quest. So I head to Windh to start quest, but to find out that I have to get the Carbuncle Ruby first. So I head Burburimu Peninsula to farm Poison Leeches. Olibhear and Kirinkage joined me in farming for the Ruby and stuff to sell. I was and still am broke as hell. I can't even afford to buy me a drink. We farm and farm but we had a lot of competition. There was this guy and girl stealing leeches from me. Pissed me off. I screamed out B@!ches!!! I was so pissed. I got a stack & a half of blood when they asked to join our party. They wanted the blood & they were going to get the Ruby for me. I said fine. I'll still get some money. I did get the Ruby. I then disbanded. I farm some more and got 2 more blood. Then I leave for Windh to start SMN quest. Traveling in Windh In Windh I head to NPC to sell my blood. Then I head to the NPC with the quest and accept it. I have to get the Ruby to experience 7 weather effects: Snow, Earth, Wind, Thunder/Lightning, Clear Skies, Rain and Heat. I then warp to Jeuno. Then I chocobo it to San.D.. On the way there I experience 2 weather effects: Clear skies and Rain. I get to San.D. and logoff.

Monday, September 29, 2008

RDM - Level 31 - Rank 3

Played: 4 hour Logged on again to help Kirinkage to level his PLD and to check on my plant. I get on and I have a message from Inchigo asking me to update my blog. I am so happy there are a few who like my blog. So, I went to meet him in Kazham. I got Olibhear to join the festivities. So we had 2 RDM, 2 PLD, THF, PUP. Those PUP give me the willies. They are so creepy. Anyway we get part of the party together and head into the jungle. Just as I get in someone either aggro'd a gob so we ended up killing it barely. We did not have on level sync yet. We were waiting for THF, who by the way was Doncarnage. Person I partied with my 1st time in Kazham and was in my linkshell. Party in Kazham We had to make camp by entrance because our typical camp was taken. I had forgot to get my signet when I was in Jeuno. Good thing San.D. Was in control of Kazham this week. I was able to get my signet and to recharge my emperor band. Doncarnage finally makes it to us. So she starts pulling immediately. I use my emperor ring. Now the level sync is set to 25. We kill all evening. At some point I level to 30, Kirin got 27, and Olibhear got like 37. Then he left to finish his SMN quest. Then KJirin tried to get me to leave to start the SMN quest. I told him no, it can wait for another day. So it's just 5 of us. Then Doncarnage did his/her infamous leaving party with no explanation. So it's down to 4 of us. Level sync is 26. We were still able to take on the Mandragora's with 4 of us. I forgot to mention we had a guardian angel. I high level RDM was with us killing the Gobs for us so we didn't get aggro. After a while, I got tired and I said I was going to disband. However, Kirin said same so the party broke up. I run to catch airship. Lucky me, it was there when I arrived. I boarded immediately. Back in Jeuno I decided I need Level 30 gear so I go buy armor. I am now officially broke. And I look like a hobo. I am so mismatched. I don't look cute. I have buyer's remorse. I put my current armor up for sale in AH. I didn't get a sword, because I can't afford too. Now I have to farm, farm, farm, and farm. I need spells too. I'm a really poor mage. Hobo 30 Outfit To ease my hurt feelings I start chatting on my linkshell. I talk to everyone and the only person who ignored me was Inchigo. So I bitched about it and he still ignored me. Oh well. I ran around selling stuff to NPC's. Then I logged off. I missed Heroes to play FFXI tonight. I'll get over it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

RDM - Level 29 - Rank 3

Played: 4 hours Got on to help Kirinkage get his PLD up to level 30. I wasn't so concerned about me leveling. So I decided to get a level sync party together. I get a DNC and a War to start. We were in Qufim at first. As we took on some crabs I got a tell from my friend Unworshipdangel. He asked if I needed any more people. I said he. Then we discussed whether he should come as BLM or RDM. I said RDM. By time Unworship came Kirin leveled to 25. Photobucket We then head to Kazham to continue to level. Unworship found us a DRK to join us. So we took what we could with 5 of us until the DRK came. I gave Unworship the leader role. I leveled to 28 before the DRK came. When he did, we kept on fighting then couple of people had to leave. Unworship replaced them with another DRG and DNC. We continue. We tried couple of Gobs instead of the Mandoragas. We were successful with the couple we did. Except Kirin died by bomb toss. No way we could have save him with healing on that. Unworship raised him when he took off level sync. Then we decided we could take on another Gob. That was such a bad idea. The gob swas kicking our ass. I didn't realize that Unworship took off the level sync during the battle and we were still getting our ass handed to us by this Goblin. We all finally killed it barely. Kirin died again and the rest of were in 2 digit red HP readings. I mean we had people with level 43+. That was a very tough fight. I wonder if that gob was an NM. Kirin did finally level to 26 but his dying twice cost him his leveling to 27 by the end of the time. I had to leave. I was getting tired. Photobucket So I disbanded and headed for airship to get back to Jeuno. Then I saw the rest of the party members at the dock so apparently the party broke up. The ship arrives, I get on and then log off when I got to my temp mog house in Jeuno. Photobucket

Friday, September 26, 2008

When Leveling Down Is Bad For Your Health!

Played: 3 hours Got on to do supply quest to Jugner Forest with my brother Kirinkage. On his way to meet me in San.D., he got an invite for some folks to go get his AF Hands for his DRG. He said it shouldn't take too long. So I told him to meet me in LaTheine when he's done. I was going to level my spells. I head into W.Ronf.. I killed an Orc with one spell. Then I took down some crabs with 2 spells. Didn't have to use my sword. I got bored so I asked what my LS was doing. They were in the Dunes partying with Level sync. I asked if they need a powerleveler. They said sure. I head to the Dunes. I can't believe I can go into the Dunes now without any fear. I used to hate the Dunes with a passion. The hardest creature, Goblin Leecher, Leeches and Damslefly, are all easy prey to me. They don't even aggro me. I find the party and I powerlevel for a while. While doing that I get a level sync party invite in the Dunes. I told them I will when I finish pl'ing my friends. My friends' party was disbanding so I left and headed to the party. In the party you have this: RDM (me), BST, WAR, MNK, PUP and I don't remember 6th person's job. This party stunk. Besides, my failure to know which spells I can use, the team pulled things that was too easy. We moved to new location. Then they pulled things way too hard for Level 17 (aka Goblin Leecher). This killed puller, of course. Then another player thought that he can fight 2 goblins. I cured him & then I had to zone cause he died and the gob started to aggro me. I ran to Selbina. I called a friend in the area to raise puller (who was also party leader). I told leader to take off level sync when she gets raised. She's like why. Both another character and myself said because you and the other person is weak and we can't defend the party restricted to 17. So she finally took off the level sync. I leave Selbina and head back to party. We fight one more mob, before I told them I had to leave. I didn't even know that I leveled to 27. I meet my brother in LaTheine so we can go into Jugner so I can do a supply run. I thought we would fight to and from, but we just ran to and from. I can now warp to San.D. from Jugner, Qufim, W Ronf, and Valkrum Dunes. The other places San.D. is in control of right now are too high level places for me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

RDM - Level 26 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Got on to level. I go to Kazham for the first time. I get on the airship. The programmers for this game are hot. To make an arial view like the one on the airship, they are genius. I run around the city looking for a map. I find no map. I then start looking for a party in Kazham. None available so I make my own. I got a girl from my LS who was already heading here. I look for others. I was talking to Titen and he said he'll join. So that was RDM, RNG and PLD. Now I looked for 3 more. I got THF, RNG and BLM. It took nearly an hour to get everyone together. We get into the Yohtunga Jungle to find camp. As we are looking, I, of course, gets aggro'd by a Gob. Lucky level sync wasn't on at that moment. So, Titen killed it. We found camp close to the zone. We pull Madrake looking mobs. They look adorable. They put you asleep a lot. I think I went to sleeop every other fight. I leveled to 26. Had a good time. Only person who died was the THF. The original RNG disconnected and I replaced her with MNK. I concentrated on curing for the party since we didn't have a WHM. The party was over when PLD and BLM said they had to go to Sky to help someone out. The BLM warped me back to Jeuno. He/She was really nice. At Jeuno, I decided to get to Qufim to see what I can solo. The worms were even matches and I don't fool with even matches. So I headed back to mog house and logged off.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have Kazham Wings...Will Fly

Played: 3 intervals in 2 days Day 1 - Interval 1: I got on yesterday at 1:40 pm to go to Bastok to get Tele-Dem Crystal, Parlborough Chest Key and complete Bastok portion of Mission 2-3. It went pretty cool. I was in San.D. and we chocobo'd it to Bastok. We stopped in Konschrat Highlands to get my Tele-Dem crystal from the telecrag. S Gustaburg Then we get to Bastok and I go around doing the missions. I buy all the maps in Bastok, including the one for Parlborough Mines that I need to go for both the chest key & to refine ore into sand. Bastok At first we got lost in the mines. And we ended up on a boat that took us back to Bastok. So we had to go there again. This time I said lets dig the ore first from the Mithryl Seam. I got the ore on the 4th try. We then head to 3rd floor of mine to refine it into Mythril sand. Then we went to find the Quadav's to kill for Chest Key. This took 3 hours. I log off to rest. Day 1 - Interval 2: I get back on at 8 pm to go to Windhurst. There I need to get Tele-Mea Crystal, Giddeus Chest Key and complete Windh portion of Mission 2-3. This portion took a while. We chocobo it to Windh from Bastok. I search for party members to come with to help fight the Dragon in Windh part of Mission 2-3. I got Olibhear and Unworshipdangel to join me and Kirinkage. We get into Tahrongi Canyon to stop by the Tele-Mea Telecrag. However, we met up with Unworshipdangel on the way. I get my telecrystal and get another chocobo. Our previous chocobo kicked us off. So we were footing it. We meet Olibhear at the telecrag too. We get to Windh. I make my rounds and buy up all the maps, especially for Giddeus. I need the chest key from there too. We do the dragon first. Oli couldn't come in, since he hasn't completed mission 2-1. So it was just Kirin (DRG), Unworship (BLM) and me (RDM) taking on the Dragon. After we killed the dragon, Unworship had to leave. Then Kirin and I went to find the Yaguda's that we needed to kill for Giddeus chest key. We get it at the second fight. But it took us forever to find the proper Yaguda's. I get it. Then we head back to Windh to complete the 2-3 task. I am tired. It's really late. So I go to mog house in Windh and shut down. Day 2 - Last Interval: I log on to go finish of Mission 2-3 and Kazaam quest. I'm still in Windh. I join the culinary guild. I then warp to Jeuno. I finish Kazham quest. Then I chocobo it to San.D.. Then I finish off mission 2-3. I then chocobo it back to Jeuno. However, my chocobo tossed me off in middle of Battalia Downs. That's an area way too high at my level. So I had to use my instant warp scroll. Anyhow, I got back to Jeuno safe and alive. I go to log off in Jeuno. I will now be partying in Kazaam until level 32/33.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still RDM - Level 25 - Rank 2

Played: 4 hrs Got on to get some buffer experience points. I say hi to my ls. They are all on. Inchi is getting married on game still. I'm in Jeuno, so I buy 2 scrolls: Invisible & Sleep. I then meet Kirinkage in Battalia Downs to see if I can kill stuff. I attack a sapling, decent challenge. It nearly killed me. I made it by the skin of my teeth. So we went to Rolanberry Field. We level synced to kill couple of wasps. We then decide to do party in Qufim. I find a WHM, WAR, MNK, PLD, and DRG. WHM, WAR and PLD was from my ls. WHM was in V. Dunes. Kirinkage went to meet her at Jugner Entrance. She was a difficult person to escort to Jeuno. Lol. We are waiting & waiting for them to get to Qufim. We were at Qufim's Delkfourt Tower. They finally make it. After 3 to 4 fights, MNK & WHM had to leave. I replaced WHM with the WAR already in party. He went & changed jobs. I got another 2 more WAR. Both from my ls's. We decide to go in the Tower. I get the longest cut scene ever. We then fight Giga's, bats and gobs. We head to second floor. In Qufim Tower There we encountered a NM Giga as well as a regular Giga. Everyone is dying. I notice WHM died so I decided to zone. I was the only one left alive. Of course I ran right into a Seeker Bat and they aggro'd me. I was so close to zone when I died by bat. I hp to temp mog house. Then I go to Qufim Tower again to OP warp back to Sandy. In San.D., I start Mission 2-3 so I can get to Rank 3. I then line up everyone to help kill Dragon in Windh. this weekend. This is my plan. I head to Bastok first. I get the tele-crystal, I get Bastok chest key for Kazam quest and then do 2-3 work in Bastok. Then I go to Windh. There, I get tele-crystal, Windh. chest key for Kazam quest and do 2-3 work. This is where I need party to fight Dragon. Then I go back to San.D. to finish 2-3 quest and then to Jeuno to get my Kazam pass. That is a lot of work. Before I log out, Inchi and his "fiance" was talking way too cutsey for my liking so I had to tease him. She is now in our LS. After teasing, I log.