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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Tired of all the Fighting

I have been playing for at least 1 to 2 hours for couple of days now. In those days I got my WHM to 28 and my DNC to 9. I played DNC to help my brother level his SAM. I like DNC in the respect to drain samba and I hit so weak that I don't get hate. I rarely need healing. We probably partied for 2 hours in Latheine and our powerleveler had to heal me twice. It was 3 of us in the party; Kirin - SAM, Inchigo - BST and me. Inchigo died I think twice because his charmed mob lost its charm and killed him. He never died by battle. Photobucket What I really wanna discuss is how I got my WHM to 29. It was a day that I got home from a stressful day at work. I figured I go on the game to cool off and level. I think I got the second part done. Not so much the first. Anyway, I get a phone call in reallife from Titen asking me what I'm doing on the game that night. I said I was leveling my WHM. He said cool and he wants to join my party with his BRD. I said fine. Mind you we are n the regular phone. I start making a party. I always look for tank first. There weren't any PLDs so I found a WAR/MNK. He agreed to tank. Then my boy Ghostdawg sent me a tell. He asked what I was up to. I told him and he was down to party. He was coming as NIN/THF. So I had 4 out of 6 members. I head to Kazham. I tell Titen I got 4 people looking for 2 more. I tell him what I had so far. Then the bitching started. He just had to get on Ghost coming as NIN/THF. Titen - Why doesn't he sub WAR instead so he can tank? Me - Um, we already have a tank. The WAR. Titen - He should sub war to tank. Me - He's not tanking!!! Titen - What's his name? Me - Why? So you can harrass him about his job? I get a THF/WAR. He agrees to pull. That makes 5 out of 6. Titen - I can figure out who he is anyway? Me - What's the issue here? We have a tank War, puller THF, BRD you, a dd NIN. What's the issue? Titen - He should be tanking. Me - But he is not because we ALREADY HAVE A TANK!! Me - I know how to set up a party. And you're not an expert. Titen - Yes I am. I've been playing for nearly 4 years. Me - Whatever Titen. Nowadays you get what you can get. I don't have 3 hours to wait for the perfect jobs. I get what I can. I get a THF/NIN. Party set. Me - If my friend wants to party with me he can. I don't care if he's a NIN/THF. I already have a tank. Ghostdawg - Yo! This dude Titen is bitching at me about my sub. If it's a prob I'm out. Me - Ignore him. He's bitching at me too; I 'm tryin' to squash it. Ghostdawg - Ok cool. Me - You sent Ghost a tell? Why? Titen - He need to come as a /WAR Me - No he doesn't. I can't believe you sent him a tell. Titen - Yeah. He should sub WAR. Me - Titen this is my party. You didn't set it up. Titen - You asked me for my help. Me -To find new members not to harrass the ones we already have! Ghostdawg - Yo! He still harrassing me. So I just blacklisted him. Me - You did. I'm so sorry about. Ghostdawg - I'm still coming. If there's any drama I'm out. Me - Ok.There won't be one. Me - Titen if you are happy with my party line up, then you don't have to come. Titen - I found my replacement. His name is Vulg. Me - Good. Thank you. Titen - I hope your party goes well and no one dies. I hung up the phone. He's an asshole. My brother was sitting next to me during the whole conversation. He was shaking his head. Then left for his place. The party was great. I leveled and no one died. Everyone got along. And we even had a powerleveler. We partied in Yhoator Jungle. My 3rd time there. I had fun. Unfortunately I had to go in an hour and a half. When I get off my bro says Titen is ridiculous. He said he could think of 2 reasons why he was acting like an ass. 1. He just an ornery asshole and likes to control everything. 2. He was harrassing Ghost because he was my friend. He's probably wants to be the only person I should depend on. So it's his tactic to alienate me. I added a 3rd thought. 3. I think he doesn't have any really good friends to hang out with in the game. I can understand why. He 's a big jerk. (If I was GM Dave, I would feed him to Jorgumand and ban his ass, lol) I really hate having drama in game or in life. I hate to fight. Too much time to do than waste time fighting. Well that's what has happened recently. I'm going on vaca so I won't be playing for a over a week.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Missing Info ......

I don't know how I didn't remember to tell y'all that I got the Tele-Vhazl and OP Warp for Valedonia (or something like that). Well it started out as a boring day. I was just on chatting with folks. Ghostdawg said he was bored too. Then asked me if there was anything I needed to get done. I said not so much. I need the tele-crystal for Vhazl. He said come on. He'll take me. During the chats I check the conquest and I see we owned Valedonia. I asked if we can go to Xarcabard too to do a supply run. He said sure. He said they were right next door to each other. So we were in Jeuno and we decide to take airship to San D. Photobucket I get all I need for the trip. I trigger the Supply run quest for Valedonia. We go thru E Ronf to Rangumont pass. We get into Beaucedine Glacier. My first time actually going thru. I zoned in once to get Snow effect for SMN. It was snowing. Actually it wasmore like a major blizzard. 1-25-09 3 I could barely see Ghost. He came as his 75 DRG/BLU. I get the crystal & finished supply run in Xarcabard. They were just across from each other. I am so happy. I'm trying to get all the OP Warps as I can. The next day, I decide I need to get maps for up there. I didn't have them when I was up there. So I did the quests in San D to get them. Now all I need to get is the map for Rangumont Pass. That quest is in Selbina. I got a group to do that quest too. The quest requires us to go to Beaudeaux and get Quadav Charms from the NM called De'Vuy Headhunter. Everyone who was coming triggered the quest. Me when I went to trigger, I find I don't have enough fame . They said I should just come on and get the item anyway. So I did. We all met up in Beaudeaux. We were also helping someone with mission 4-1 (airship pass). So we find the NM. We had to kill it 4 times for 4 of us. This trip I learned a very important lesson. One of my LS mates, Naquel, I found out is a BOY!!!!! For months, I thought he was a she. He is a Mithra character (female only character). And the name is feminine too. I am so glad I didn't put my foot in my mouth. Anyway, that all so far for items that I may have missed in my last posts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shit Happens When You Are Busy

Can you tell by my title the I'm a bit swamped? Anyway, I'm sorry for not blogging for a couple of weeks. I have been doing a lot of OT at work. However, work didn't stop me from playing. I made the time. I did accomplish some stuff. Didn't accomplish a lot but some. Like my last blog I am gonna jot down bullet points of accomplishments and then explain them later. 1. WHM - Ding 27!! 2. Cooking - Ding 4!! 3. Increase Inventory to 35 1. Well since I haven't been getting parties with my RDM, I decided to level my WHM earlier than I planned. (Original plan: start leveling WHM to 37 when RDM hits lvl 50) Anyway, so I'm in Jeuno and I changed to WHM. I go to Spell shop in Lower Jeuno to gather necessary spells. I think I bought only 1: barsleepra. I remember this spell because I know I have to level in Kahzam until level 30 and those Mandrake things love to put you to sleep. I put my flag up. No takers. So I had to form my own party. I got my bro Kirin (he needed to level his WAR to 37), Ghostdawg DRK, Naquel DNC, a RDM (Noony) and a THF. Earlier I got a call from my ex Titen that he wants me to hold a spot for him in my party. He said he was gonna be on in half hr or so. I said he could replace Kirin as a tank when Kirin leaves for his LS meeting. So we killing and getting exp. I level to 26. So Kirin has to leave so I have to replace him. Just in time, I get a tell from Titen asking to play. I said yeah tank. He had a hissy fit. He only want to play DNC. I told him I already had one but I need a tank. And I reminded him that I told him that earlier. So of course he didn't come. We decided to just find a damage dealer. We continue to kill with just 5 of us. Then we realized that THF was not doing anything for a very long while. It was a concensus to kick him from party. Now I had to find 2 new players instead of one. Then this BLU came into camp running from a gob. He died. I raised him then asked him if would like to join our party. He agrees. Yay! I found one. Then I get another, a SAM. SAM gets killed on way to camp. I go raise him then cast sneak on both of us. We started killing. Then people kept aggroing a stupid gob and dying. I had to raise couple times more. Then the SAM disconnected. Don't know if on purpose or computer trouble. We waited a while to see if he shows back up. We continue to fight with 5 until I find replacement. Then BLU aggros a gob (of course) and tried to zone but died before he got thru the zone. So I had to go raise him. Yay! My enhancing is raising. The more I raise, the more time I have to sit on my ass to get back my MP. Icouldn't find a 6th person. So we just continued with 5 until we just gave up. Had great convos though. Didn't level again because we spent a lot of time waiting for players. Next day, I am in Jeuno and Kirin asked if I want to level down and play in Quifm. I said sure. Guess who was in party? Noony from Kahzam party the day before. I level to 27 in this party. No one died. Thank goodness. But there were a lot of dead bodies around. Then we decided to call it a night in 1.5 hrs. So I didn't get much of a buffer. Next day I decide to go kill in one of the Gustabergs. Yeah.... My favorite place to be. If you believe that you don't understand sarcasm. I need to level my divine magic. That means I need to banish shit. But why Gustaberg? Well I want the OP there so I figure I help out trying to get San d'Oria to get control of Gustaberg, lol. I also went to give Ghostdawg a pearl for my ls. As I get there, Kakida gave me a tell asking me to level sync 15 party in Dunes. I said sure. So did Ghost. I had to chocobo all the way there. When I get there I find Naquel there too. This time she was a bit bossy. Man, she was bothering the shit outta me. Maybe I was just tired. Then Kakida was getting on my nerves too. He kept saying "Good Job" Yes, I am tired. Or is it that I hate this phrase because my boss at my real life job says it all the damn time. Any which way it was bothering the shit outta me. So I told them I had to go. Kakida said to wait so I can get my level. I said it wasn't necessary. I like Kakida a lot. I was just tired and cranky. I forgot to mention throughout this whole party we were doing the Field of Valor training missions. My first time doing it. It's pretty sweet. You get exp from killing objects, but once you finish mission you get even more exp. Now that's sweet. 2. I have been trying really hard to level my cooking craft. It has been giving me grief. I have spent a lot of time in Windurst trying to level cooking. Instead I just got more shit to sell. And more shit to take up room in my inventory and mog safe. So I temporarily put a halt on trying to level it. Normally, it takes up to the count of one to get to next level; ie. 0.1, 0.2 skill raises until hit 1.0 to get to next level. I was getting a lot of 0.2 and 0.3 but I didn't level. I think the game cheated me. Anyway, like I was saying, I was put leveling on hold because I was getting impatient. Then the day after I partied at Dunes with Kakida (see #1 for refresher), I warped back to San D. I then look at my mog safe and saw I only had 56/60 full. So I decided to rid myself of a couple items. I step outside the mog house to do the synthesis. I decided to make Herbal Broth. It's level 5 or 6 recipe. I do 1st synthesis, I lost crystal and a turnip. 2nd synthesis provided 4 jugs of herbal broth. My skill went up by 0.2. I then proceed to make a 3rd synthesis of the same. Then bam! I finally leveled to cooking level 4. About frickin' time. Dammit. 3. When I'm in Jeuno right after Kirin party in Dunes, I decide to try Gobbie Bag quest to increase my inventory to 35. The first time I spoke to the gob in the junk shop he asked me about the stupid cavernous maws. So I am thinking my fame is not high enough. I leave the shop. I go onto Wiki and find out what fame is needed. It says fame level 2. I have 2. So what was the problem? Why couldn't I get quest? So just like Aaliyah, I dusted myself off and tried again. I speak to gob. Same maw crap. This time I decided to talk to him again. Guess what!?! I got the quest. Frickin' A. I have only 1 item of the requested items, so I head to AH to buy the other 2. I can't find the 3rd item. So I look up wiki to find where I can get Steel Ingot. They said in San D or Mhaura at the Blacksmithing guild. Of course I tried to go to San D first. No steel ingot. I am determined to finish this quest tonight! So I OP warp to Buburimu Pennisula to get to Mhaura. I get into Mhaura and finally found the Steel Ingot there in the blacksmithing guild. I OP warp back to San D and then to Quifm. I complete the quest. Boo yah! I got my inventory to 35. There were probably some more little things, but alas, I can't recall anymore. If I remember, it will be in a newer post.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Stealing Time and Other Oddities

Played: various times all weekend (Fri to Sat) So I conquered the following: 1. Crawlers Nest Map Quest 2. Leveled THF to 13 3. Tried to achieve crafting levels So I'll discuss by order of list. Makes it so much easier than trying to remember which day I did what. 1. Okay I decide to finish Nest map quest. Titen (whom I wasn't talking to) was on bothering me. Trying to get my attention. So I decided to put him to work so he can leave me alone. I asked to be my tele-taxi. I only have 3 monuments left; N Gustaberg (near Bastok) and E & W Sartabarta (near Windhurst) So we do the Gusta one first since I was alreaady on airship to Bastok. I invite him to my party. I ended up going to the wrong area to get to N Gusta. I headed towards Palboro Mines thinking I was heading to Dangruff Wadi. My bad. I didn't know and he was taking his sweet old time gearing up. I had to back track. Then I found out I left clay in my mog safe so I had to go back into Bastok to mog house to retrieve it. Of course that ornery guy bitched and complain about me taking too long. Screw him, he deserves the punishment. So I finally meet up with him at entrance to Dangruff Wadi. I find out quickly when I enter that I don't have a map. Thank goodness for Titen at this point. I would never be able to get monument by myself. Anyway, that area is really pretty and you get to ride up geysers. Cool yeh. Photobucket Anyway we get into N Gusta and I get my tablet. Titen tele-holla and I grab a chocobo to Selbina. He tele-altepa then op warp to bastok and then to dunes. Of course he gets there before me. The bastard. I see the mayor and do the trade. I meet back up with Titen and he tele-mea to tahrongi. I go chocobo and he tele-altepa then op warp to bastok then op warp to e or w sartabarta (can't remember which). The ass. I'm still in Tahrongi while he's waiting for me in e sartabarta. Asshole. Let me stop moaning and groaning about op warps. I'll get them when San D ever owns them. Trust me. We get the monument there and he tele-holla me again. Both of us do the same routine. We meet up again and he tele-mea and he warps. The last monument in w or e sartabarta was annoying. Trying to find my way up cliff. Finally did and Titen now tele me to altepa with him and we choco to op. I op to San D and then to Dunes. We meet up again I had to bitch for a while about it costing 900 gil to op to San D from Altepa. I get my map but the quest is still open. Just in case I decide to do the Sauramongue Champaign or Battalia Downs monuments at a future time. He then trades me money. Hey I'm not going to look a gifft horse in the mouth. I'm going to run with it. I guess he thought I didn't have gil since I was bitching about the op warp. Lol. Whatever floats his boat. I complain about expensive things even though I can afford it. It's the jew in me. Oh well, I get richer. Yay! 2. I get on to see if my second mog safe expansion quest has triggered. To my utter disappointment, it didn't trigger. My fame is still too low. It needs to be a 5 in San D. Oh well. I was in Jeuno at that moment and decided to go to San D. So I took the airship. While I was waiting for airship I was chatting with Inchigo. He was leveling DRG. He got it to 11 already. So I agreed to join him with my THF. So when I finally made it back to San D I changed jobs. I met him at the AH in S San D. We head and kill in W Ronf. I level to 12 in W Ronf. Then we head to LaTheine. Kirinkage decided to come pl us. We met up with Cett a newbie to the game who is in my ls RBK. I powerleveled him the day before. So it was a 3 person party killing in LaTheine, then I suggested to go to the Dunes. So we head to Liz camp. Unbeknownst to me Inchi invited 3 more people and then switched me to leader. The sneaky bastard, lol. So we get party going. We don't have a mage in the party. So Kirin is left to heal us. I ended up being a puller. Challengar (one of the party members) gave me a bow and 99 arrows. That was great of him. I need to work on my archery for pulling. I did very well pulling for the party. After first round of deaths (not me though) one member left rudely. Then we started again. I leveled to 13 in the party. Photobucket It was pretty ok. I was happy because it was my first time pulling and using the cross bow. There were more deaths. I died once. Gob got me. Then I had to log at 11. 3. I decide to try to craft some more. Get levels up. Since I got some extra gil I decided to splurge. I got items to craft. I didn't level anything. It's getting boring. This leveling of crafts is annoying. I am now just waiting for someone to ask me to party with my RDM at level 48 to party so I can get skills to do my limit break 1 quest and and af2 quest. Anyway, that's my time this weekend.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Death Out of Adversity... Damn Those Beetles!

Played: 2 days various times. Day 1: I get on thinking I was going to craft. I really don't need to craft tho. I just got envious of my friends crafting and farming. It's really not my priority but alas, I want to keep up with my peers, lol. My crafting is very very low; fishing is 2 and cooking is 3. Inchigo gave me some earth crystals and my bro got me some wind crystals. So I decide to try any crafting that can use the crystals I have. I get a little bit of supplies from AH and craft away. I got my clothcraft to level 1, yay! I made 2 capes and 1 headgear. I sold them on auction. Then I found a recipe for bonecraft that I wanted to try, but I needed to get some flint stones. So I head to E Ronf to kill worms for flint stones. I get halfway point in E Ronf when Inchigo asked if I wanted to farm Wild Onions in Ranspierre's Tomb (I don't know how to spell name & I'm not going to bother try). I said sure. I told him I'd meet him on the W Ronf side by the alley between E & W Ronf. Of course you know he didn't read his log. I am sitting in W Ronf waiting for him and then he tells me that he's going to a wedding. LMAO. I'm waiting for him and he's on an airship to Bastok for a wedding. Well my bro was fishing so I asked him if wanted to come farm the wild onions with me. He said sure. However, when we got there someone cleared the place of Goblins. We did run thru the caves and my bro found the dragon den for notorious NM named Berter (or something like that). So we left. I went back to San D. killing worms for flint stones. I made 24 stone arrowheads. with the flint stones. My bro got bored and asked me to party I said sure. I suit up and then asked Kakida to party. I find another WAR, SMN and BLU. Kirin was DRG, Kakida was WAR and I of course RDM. We decide to head to Shitadel basement. That was disasterous. People were killed 3 times. I had to raise people 3 times. Then the other party that was there, died. I had to raise their WHM so she/he could raise their party. Now we (both parties) were getting creamed by beetles. Just attacked like the scarabs in the movie the mummy. 2 players had to leave, I did find another 2 players, PLD and SAM to replace. We decide to do Quicksand Caves in Western Altepa Desert. There we found out we were over our heads. So we went back to Quicksand Caves in Eastern Altepa. By time we get there, I had to go in 3 fights. For the whole party no one leveled because they died so many times. When I left party I had only 200 exp left to go to level to 48. It was a bad party. However, after I log in Jeuno, my bro said the party picked up really well after I left. That was not a good comfort. But I'm happy it turned out so well. Day 2: I get on thinking I was going to finish the Nest quest. Only 3 monuments to go. I immediately get a party. I told him that I have only an hour to play. He said that it was cool as long as I can find an replacement. I said I can try to but I may not be able to. He said okay. So I told him as we wait for party I was going to craft. So I made so sheep wool and some other stuff. I didn't level any craft though. Darn it. I also went and bought Cure IV and Protect III. I learned the Protect III right then and there. So the party is finally made and we head to the Shitadel basement (again). This time we go to another area I never been. It was close to bombs and dromas. We are doing well. I level to 48 in one fight. I was able to learn haste and Cure IV. Yay!! Now I'm 2 levels from 50 and having to do Limit Break 1 quest to get past level 50. Anyway, back to the party, 3 guys in the party was hilarious. I liked them. They kept it really funny. However, I had to leave but I did find my replacement, another RDM level 70. When I disbanded, I added the 3 people to my friends list. I warped back to Jeuno. I find I am halfway to 49 already before I log.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

When Running Errands Turns Into An Adventure

Played: 2 days various times Day 1: I get on to do my typical Nest map quest. However, that's not what happened. I felt kind of bad that I leveled DRG higher than my SMN. So I decided to just level it to 8 so all my low level jobs are even. So I suit up and get carby. I really need to get some more avatars. Anyway, I got off subject. I go into W Ronf to level with Carby. Inchigo said he was going to help Shallia level her RNG to 7 also. Oh well. I go out and do my thing. Kirinkage decided he was going to come powerlevel me. I said sure. He meets up with me. I used my food while playing to increase my MP pool so I can have Carby out a lot longer. Eventually, while killing mobs, I get where Shallia and Inchigo are. To be honest, I really didn't notice. I only found out because I read that Kirinkage cheered her on. Oh well. I probably stole her mob by accident. I send Carby to get mobs first. Hey, I'm squishy. Inchigo did come near me though. Kirin then announced he was going to the Shitadel to find his coffer key and coffer for his PLD AF4. I said I would come with him since I had a chest key. I would look for a chest while we were there. I head back to San D change my job back to RDM. I also found out my Opaline Dress sold. Finally. I also got a bronze bed and rusty bucket from my friend Kakida. I place the bed in my mog so I can start quest when the conquest points are tallied on Sunday. I also go to AH to buy the additional items to complete quest. I decided to buy the items for Gobbie Bag quest too. I only got one item though. I OP warp to Qufim to get to Jeuno. As I enter Jeuno I find out I have enough fame now I can get the map of Delkfutt Tower Yay! But not enough to start the Gobbie Bag quest. Sucks. I also get an invite for a level 46 party. Yay! Kirin was in party too. The party sucked. It was at the basement of the Shitadel. 2 guys died while I was healing them. I had to raise twice and had to convert 3 times. In a good party I don't have to convert. I'm usually good with just refresh on. I did level to 47 immediately. Then we disbanded when I got a sizable buffer 4.7k in for a 7.5k limit. I accompany Kirin back to Jeuno. He gets a friend from his LS to come. Both are 75; PLD Instantillius. I meet them at the Shitadel. We go in. I'm casting sneak and invisible once we pass through the first Banishing Gates. We did well until a point when I was killed by Acid Slime. A RDM/SMN raised me. I was fine after a while. We get to a point where Instantillius told us (Kirin and I) to stay by this one area. Were were joined by another of Kirin's LS mates Ilus; a THF 75. They went to fightbad mob while we stayed put. I had to keep sneak up on Kirin and I. At one point I cast the spell too close to the door and a droma was there. It came out and attacked me. It aggros by magic. So we had to fight it by ourselves. Instantilius is shouting to Kirin to heal me. Lol. He was worrying about little frail me. So after we finished fighting the Droma we were just waiting for a long time. So, while we are waiting, I finally got my cell phone synced to Entourage on my Mac. Yay! We were still waiting by time I finished that. They finally got the key and Kirin lotted it. Then we had to open Gates # 2. That was an adventure. Needless to say we opened the gates, but I was the only slow ass that never made thru the gate. So I warped to Jeuno. I certainly couldn't open them again. You need 4 people to open them. I'm back in Jeuno and I decided to go to Bastok so I can do Nest quest the next time I'm on. I take airship to Basyok. Yay! I get off in Port Bastok. I decide before heading to mog house to log to do the mog house exit quest and see my fame. My fame is a measly 2 in Bastok. I'm shocked I tell you! Nah, not really. It's better than I expected. Thought it be a 1. So now I head back to the mog house and log out. Day 2: I log onto game only to check my stats. Right. You know that's not what happened, right. I do get my stats, but I decided to run errands. I go to S Gustaberg to find monument to trade clay too. On my way, some gobs were drowned and/or caught in hurricanes. I got a fishing rod out of it, lol. I find monument and do my thing. I head back to Bastok to get chocobo and head to Selbina. Okay, I admit I don't go to Bastok too often. But come on. I hate N & S Gustaberg! I find my from S Gust to N Gust to find that I can't get to Konchstat Highlands because of some damned ravine. I had to go back to S Gust to re-enter N Gust at another entrance. Come on!?!!!!! If I got kicked off my chocobo in middle of Konchstat I was going to raise some hell!!! Actually I wouldn't. They should show that you can't cross over from east to west on Map properly. Anyway, I get to Selbina to trade clay with mayor. I then decided to head to LaTheine to finish Blood quest and get monument to trade clay. I decide to do monument first. I find the gorge I must enter. Now I get down there and to find the monument is 2 tunnels and 2 more gorges away. Come on!?! Did it have to be so far? I did my stuff and found my way out of the gorge. Now onto Ordelle Caves. Yay!!! Not... I get to the gorge where Ordelle's at, but I can't find the way down. There's usually a NPC standing at that spot. But thru all the rain, I couldn't see shit. I went around the gorge until, miraculously, it stopped raining and the NPC was right in front of me. I head down. I get into the caves. I look for the monster to fight for the chest key. I get it from the first fight, a ochu looking mob, don't remember name. I then have to find the damn chest. I find it in 10 mins. Yay!! I get what I needed and set myself to leave this place. I get out no problem. Now back to Selbina to discuss things with the mayor. I get to Selbina and discuss matters with the mayor. I trade my clay for more clay. I now have 12/15 monuments completed. I have E & W Sartabarta and N Gustaburg left (argh!). I find out the Blood quest must be finished in San D. I OP warped back to San D and finished the Blood quest. I am going to sell the Cunning earrings I go from it. I head to mog and log off.