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Monday, November 30, 2009

Campaign Ops

Got on without any plans. I was gonna try Maat again,. but darksday was no where around. I'm going to try windsday one time. Maybe my aero 3 would be a lot stronger?

I meet Frizzlefry in San D (past). I get my medal, sigil, and my ops mission. Frizzy ran off to Jugner (past) and I followed. I made over 6k in exp and got some drops from a Union that I joined. The drops were useless though. All in all, we went from Jugner -> Saramongue Champagne -> Battalia Downs. I went from having 2199 allied notes to 6199 allied notes.

Here are some pics from Campaign.

11-30-09 3
11-30-09 2
11-30-09 1

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