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Sunday, August 23, 2009

0/1 - You Know What That Is

I get on after a week off from game. I was really busy this week to play. When I got on, I heard they were doing Zilart Missions. So I wanted to join up with them since I didn't have any other real plans on game. I was in Whitegate when I logged on. I forgot I was there. I then decided to leave mog house, assuming the last time I entered from Whitegate, but instead I found myself in Al Zahbi stuck in Besieged. I really didn't want to be there, but since I was stuck, I just decided to try to skill up my divine & enhancing. I got 4 levels on my Divine. I went from 55 to 59. Eh.

So when all was done, I met up with everyone in Qufim. We went to Behemoth's Domain first. There we died because the NM was spawned before we were ready. However, I had my reraise on like a good mage. So we tried again. I had already gotten this stone. We head to Zi'Tah for next stone. The same one that kicked me & Inchigo's ass when I tried it a month or so ago. So we finished with all that, Kainbelmont warped me back to San D.

What to do? I have this old man sitting on my back since I capped my skills & got my testimony. I said I'm gonna try him so I can get the nervous edge off of me. So I load up on hi-potions and fix up my macros. I went out to Battalia to make sure the macros work. I found some to tweek. So I run back in to recharge my mp in my mog house. I went to see Maat. He teleported me, God knows where. The place looked familiar though. I enter buff up and proceed to fight. Well my first binding did not work. So I had to sleep him. All was going well until he woke after my last sleep and did me in with Asurian Fist. Interrupted my recast of Sleep. I lost.

Oh well. I'll try another day after I farm again for a testimony.

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