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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Duh Duh Duh Moment

I get on the game early since I got home early from work. Thank you Thanksgiving holiday. I would have to get off by 8 pm anyway. So I get on the game and head to Jeuno to wait for darksday to arrive. I had an hour to kill. So I started to chat in my LS. Naquel asked if I could PL his party. I told him that I'm not leaving the Jeuno area. He said they were in Saramonge Champaign (however you spell it).

I meet them and powerlevel them for an hour. PL'ing is very boring. I was just waiting until it turned Darksday. So when it turned to time, I bid them farewell. I run back to Jeuno. Ran to mog house to make sure I got all my food from mog safe. I then make my way to Ru'Lude Gardens (however you spell it) to talk to the old man. I trade him my RDM test and he warps me to Palborough Mines BCNM area Waugshroom Shrine. This is where I had my Duh Duh Duh moment.

So I am looking at a strategy on my computer while I'm making sure I have all in my inventory. I saw that I had a BLM testimony in my inventory. So I said let me drop it. So I get to the point where I confirm the drop. I was scarcely paying attention and I did the unthinkable. I dropped my RDM testimony!!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!! I couldn't believe that I did that. So I had to walk out of Palborough Mines and headed back to Windy.

I was so pissed with myself. I told my LS what happened and couple of friends, Badcmpy and Silveria else offered to help me get the test in Delkfutt Tower. Then when it didn't work, we went to Temple of Uggliepiah (Uglypugly to me). We get to the prelate door and couldn't open it. Then we formed an alliance who asked me if we could help them get the Carbuncle Mitts. I said sure if you can get us 2 RDM tests. So we get the doors open, then the first to Hover tanks both dropped testimonies. So Silveria and myself got them. Then we helped the other people with their Mitt fight. Then we warped home.

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