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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Got a New Friend... She's Blows a Lot of Wind

I originally got on to do Maat fight, but since it was not Darksday, I decided to continue my hunt of those Yagudo Necklaces. I stayed on my RDM though so I can go deeper inside Giddeus.

Okay so I'm in Giddeus. My ego is being stroked because I hit the mobs once & they are dead. Yay!!!! Look who can give damage. I got my sword skill to 182 or something like that. I even have Spirits Within weapon skill. Look who's growing up, lmao. These birds are not dropping these necklaces. They are not putting out. I should've subbed THF. After nearly 2 hours I only gotten 16 necklaces. I need 260. So now I have 198 left. So I give up for the night of hunting necklaces because it turned boring.

I run back to Windy to log out for the night. That didn't happen because someone in LS chat was talking about fame. So I got curious of my own. So I decided to find out what mine is for Selbina. Since Kuzotz is one of the few OPs I have since I moved to Windy. I tele to East Altepa. Of course I have no idea how to get to Rabao. I make my way thru E Altepa to W Altepa. I finally made it to Rabao with some help from Frizzlefry on tell. I didn't have a melt down.

In Rabao I find the fame guy who actually is right there when you enter. I go talk to him. He started talking. He's not saying what I expect him to say. I have my fame wiki up and he's telling me that I have level 8 fame in Selbina. Get the F@@@ out of here!!!! That's my highest fame level ever. How in the hell did my fame get so high there. You know what that means right? I can get Garuda. So I started to ask around.

I got Frizzy to help. So we run off to the fight area after I flag quest. Fight is in Cape Terrigan, so we had to run thru Kuftal Tunnel. Yay!!! Do you understand my sarcasm? Lol. Anyway, we buff up and attempt to fight Garuda. She's is a lot tougher than Shiva. We died just the 2 of us.
All the spells wiki said would weaken her didn't. Ciddester/Panzer came to join us. So we go in again. This time we won. I run back to Rabao to claim my prize. I warp home and change to SMN so I can summon out Garuda. I run back in and log off.

My fame guide is as follows:
San D - level 6-7
Windy - level 2
Bastok - level 4
Jeuno - 6
Tenshodo - level 2-3
Kazham - level 1
Selbina - level 8

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