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Friday, October 23, 2009

Lending A Hand Leads to Rewards

Since I didn't have a date today, I decided to get on game. Nah, that's not really what happened. I promised Ciddester that I would help him get his Carby Mitts. So I get on, no Cidd, so I was going to farm necklaces & cornettes. As I was walking out I decided to help Kainbelmont get his AF head for RDM. So I head to Fei'Yin. I have finally mastered that map. I wish I could do that with the Elshimo Jungles, lol. It was me, Frizzlefry, Kainy, & Maryjanette. We have no issue finding Miser Murphy. Miser took care of Frizzy really quick, the rest of us zoned. Kainy enters again to go run raise Frizzy. MJ & I enter afterwards. Both of us are running to where Kainy went. Of course, Miser aggro'd me. He didn't go back home to the fountain area. So I run back and zoned. I enter again & this time Miser is in main room when you enter. So I'm stuck by entrance. Kainy raised Frizzy and they head back to me. Frizzy decides to kite Miser while I gravity him and Kainy nuking him. So he didn't like that, he killed Kainy, the bastard!!!! He didn't aggro me but Frizzy provoked & kited while I raised Kainy. But in the end, I ended up dying trying to save Frizzy. For a while Miser was camping my body. Then he went down the hallway, I picked that time to raise & run to zone. I never made it. The minute I rose, Miser came back & killed me. At this point we knew that 4 of us (3 mages, 1 tank) was not good enough. So we ended up getting 4 more people that included Avdikii. The 2nd WHM raised me and we took out Miser when I was fully healed.

During the events, Cidd came on. He went to help Vourant with ACP. Then he went to start the Carby quest. He had to get the offering. I wasn't ready so I told him I'll get there when I'm done with Kainy. So after Miser died, Kainy tele'd us to Mea. We caught choco and headed to Garlaige Citadel. We go and take care of the rest of the AF battle. Just as we done, I asked Cidd if he found offering because MJ was gonna tele me to Yhoator. He said not yet. I told MJ no thank you and then Kainy warped me back to my temporary home. As I get to Windy, Cidd got the offering. Kainy offered to tele me to Yhoator, but we ended up waiting for Charion.

We get to Yhoator & met up w/ Cidd, his alter ego Panzer & Kadianna. We were also waiting on Lordbrax and Nimotas. They finally came and we worked our way to the prelate door. Now the prelate door is pretty easy to open. You just cast a spell and the magic behind door opens the door and attacks. Now if you have at least 3 people with you it's not a problem. Even when you have an alliance of 8. So what was the problem? We casted every spell in the book & the magic pot refused to aggro us. We stood outside that door for nearly 30 minutes casting spells, no aggro. Just as Cidd was going to warp home to get his key, the door opened. Finally. We kill all the hate that was going on when we went thru door. I actually got a RDM testimony! Hot damn. We got to fight area. We cleared out the tornberries and sprung the NM. That fight went so fast I didn't have time to scratch an itch, lol. Charion warped us home.

I was going to hang out with Demicus to farm my testimony. But since I already got it, I was going to see if he wanted to help me farm necklaces & cornettes. However, things changed when my eyes started to burn and droop. So I called it a night.


Anonymous said...

hey its Gabriel aka Reconusmc from back in the day man I miss it FFXI tell Nimo I said hi hopefully I will be back online soon money issues internet is expensive here

Tiger's Lair said...

Will do. Hope you come back. The game is a lot of fun.