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Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet TigerLeigh

So I've been playing for nearly 3 years and I am running out of room. I get a lot of Crystals. I really don't want to throw them out. I will eventually need them. I used to just sell them off but would have to purchase them when I needed them. I dob't want to waste my hard earned gil on Crystals that are free. I'd spend $1 for 60 slots on another character. That said....

Meet TigerLeigh.
5-3-10 4

I had thought about getting another Elvaan. Then I thought about Mithra. Hume and Galka just wasn't in the cards. I don't connect with them. I'm "Hume" in real life so why be one in game. No imagination. Galkas are male only. I'm not into cosplay are have any desire to pretend to be a man. So my options were Taru or Mithra. I chose Taru because they are just so darn cute. And it gives me a different perspective on the game.

TL is a THF. Not the typical mage job. I figured eventually I'd use her to farm items. That will be a long time from now though. I haven't accomplished enough with TK. So I decided to try her out. I ran out to the exit in Port Windurst to do a FOV page. I had to kill 6 Mandragora mobs. I find one and it seriously gave me a run for my money, but I beat it.
5-3-10 3
5-3-10 1
5-3-10 2
Second one was easy. The 3rd one had me use my 2hr to zone. I completely forgot that I have no subjob to help me cure my ass.

What was I thinking? So I stayed in the city. I'll finish another day. I went to collect the crystals I sent from TK. Then logged. I don't know when TL will have any adventures, but for now she's my permanent housekeeper.

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Lexicorro said...

I have

-crystal/materials/fishing gear mule
-armour mule
-weapon mule
-random drops mule collecting stacks

but then again I have about a lot more jobs mid-levelled and most of the crafts 20+ and I despise selling things I'll prob need again.