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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prime Failure


I missed Darksday while I was still traveling home so that means that I can't do my Maat fight. So I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. I will level NIN while hunting Beehive Chips. Sounds like a good plan!
I log on and change to NIN and run off to Giddeus. I start killing bees and wasn't getting any drops. So I decide to go to the middle top area. There are a lot of bees there. I had to fight some yagudos on the way. It's experience. What I found in the middle wasn't so nice. There's this level 77 WAR who is also after bees. Just my luck. So I found me a little spot. My NIN is a lot tougher than I expected. I got linked bees the first time and I took them both down. However, things were slow going because of that WAR.

So My friend Ryuhlu was coming to meet me to get a pearl for the linkshell. So I convinced him to stay and sync to me. We just started killing both bees and yags. Then I grabbed a priest yag who I forgot to check. It was a tough. Needless to say we both died but we gave a good fight. We got him to less than 10% but he healed himself. The idiot. I 2 hr'd. That consists of me blowing myself up like a gob. We had to hp because Ibdidn't have reraise up at all.

I understood why Ryu didn't want to come back to Giddeus. I after all got him killed. But he did want to get into stuff. So he was going to help me with getting Windy missions up but I wanted to to do Diabolos prime. At first we didn't have any takers. So I was going to start the cutscenes for mission 6-1. As I was running off, Crim said he wanted to do Diabolos fight. So we changed plans. I ran off to Tavnazia to finish cutscenes for COP4-1 so I could have access to prime fight.

So I met up with Crim, Ryuhlu and Houshisama at Beaucedine. We run thru Pso'xia (however you spell it) to the Shrouded Maw for fight. We fought him 3 times on Lightningsday and once on Lightsday. Nightmare kept goin off and Sleepgas to. I was asleep most of the fights. There was one time we could've had him but he spammed Nightmare. We decided to try again Saturday night.


After a long day at the beauty parlor I came home and got on the game since I promised to do the Diabolos fight again and maybe Maat fight. When I got on Darksday was just ending so Maat has to wait. I tell Crim that I'm on and ready whenever he is. He was heading to a party with Solesiren. I said no problem I could wait. Sole said they could the party after he Diabolos fight. So we have Frizzlefry BLM, Crim DRK, Solesiren WHM, Zannon WAR and me RDM.

We all meet up in Beaucedine and head for the fight. We tried twice. The 1st time I accidentally ran off the ledge thinking I was canceling autorun. That was totally my fault. No one was ready. That was a really crazy accidental move I've made in a while. The 2nd try we were killing him but he did a back to back Nightmare when he was so low on energy. In turn he kicked the dd's asses because us mages were put to sleep. Then we died.

Diabolos is a lot harder than expected. I will get him sooner or later.

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