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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ooops... Only an Hour?

So I was sitting around doing nothing on Saturday so I decided to get on the game and do SMN. My bro, Kirinkage, said let's do this. A friend, Lordkaosu, who hasn't gotten on the game in 7 months, said they'll get on to party with me too. So I already have a trio, when I log on.

So I run to turn on my PS3 and load up FFXI. Oops.... I forgot there was an update earlier in the week & I forgot to update. So that took 2 hours, lol.  So I finally get on the game. I'm trying to make a party and go to Crawlers' Nest, but I couldn't make a full party. I did get 2 additional people, Kakida (DNC) and Crim (NIN). Just as we were getting ready, Kirin couldn't play any longer because he had to go to bed for early work next day. So we lost him. That leaves me (SMN) and LK (NIN), Crim and Kakida.

We met up in Altepa and took a page. Then I was reminded by my boyfriend that we are to go out for 10:30 that evening to help a friend. Damn it. That now only leaves us an hour and some minutes to do page. So we got our page and went hunting for the mobs. We were doing well. It's hard finding mobs in Eastern Altepa the goes with the FOV pages. We had a party wipe due to Manticore 2x aggro. We had only  2 mobs left when my friend called and said she was on her way to pick us up.  So I told her to wait for 15 mins. I leveled to 40 without a buffer before I had to log for the night.

That sucked. I was really looking forward to playing. If only I remember about the update.

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