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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goals To Date

Goals Status
Beat Maat 0/14
COP Missions 2-5 to completion on 3-5
Dynamis Buburimu Win
Dynamis Dunes Win
Dynamis Qufim Win
Dynamis Tavnazia Win
Dynamis Xarcabard Win
Join a Sky LS
Level BLM to 40 No longer interested
Level Cooking to 100 Level 4
Level DRG to 75 No longer interested
Level DRK to 40 No longer interested
Level NIN to 40 Level 15
Level RDM to 75 Level 70
Level SMN to 75 Level 29
Level WHM to 40 Level 37
Windy Missions Rank 3 to Rank 10 Rank 4
Wings of the Goddess Missions 11 to 26 Actually on Mission 8: in the Name of the Father
ZM Missions 10 to 18 On 16 - The Sealed Shrine

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