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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I think it's nearly 3 years that I have been playing this game. I'm not really sure; time passes really fast. So I have to ask myself, do I still enjoy the game? Even though I haven't been on consistently for I believe 6 months, I do. It's just that my life turned upside down with work. I miss the game, the chatter, the friends I've made. Since I been gone for so long I no longer get my fuzzy greetings I used to get. People I hung around surpassed me and are onto bigger and more end game stuff. Some people left and I didn't have a chance to say good bye.

As I was testing out mule, TL, 2 days ago, I was reminded of all the fun I had running around E Ronf, Latheine and the Dunes as a newbie to the game. I remembered all the missions I did. It was fun. Like a kid
who just got a brand new toy. Remember avoiding Battering Rams in Latheine. The Bogeys in Qufim. That was some heart pounding fun.

Now....my heart pounding comes from dealing with that old man. And it is not fun. It's rather frustrating. He irritates me soo much. My natural instincts is to avoid people or things that irritate me, but that old man will go down eventually. I'm not pressuring myself. The more pressure, the least likely I'm gonna win the fight. I need to be calm and relaxed. However, when I zone to he burning circle, my heart starts to race and my tummy gets all irritated. So much for pressure, right?

Now what frustrates me in the game is the drama of strong personalities. I try to be nice to everyone. No use of me being bitchy and difficult. It's unfortunately a small world on the server. Everyone knows who you are by seven degrees. Yeah, I forgot the saying, sue me. Anyway, but being bitchy and over dramatic. I really
don't want to hear about a person before I meet them. I like to form my own opinion. However, you have a tendency to like whomever your friends like a then you form a clique.

I've been in a lot of cliques during my time in the game. At one point it was Titen, Kirinkage and myself. Then it was Inchigo, Zeeone, Fawnaa and myself. Then Olibear and Oliphant joined us. Then it was just Inchigo and me. Then it was Ghostdawg and me. Then it was Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry and me. Then just Kain and me. But my most consistent clique member is my bro Kirinkage.

I try to do my job in the game well. I haven't really heard any bad feedback except for the person I blacklisted and that was not because I was not doing my job. He wasn't doing his. So I think I'm doing a
pretty good job at my role except for Maat and that's just a whole different ball game.

I do get bored with my job. That's when I'm forced to into a role where I'm just doing one thing over and over again. Boring. I chose RDM because of the versatility. It can fight, enfeeble, cure, and enhance. But I get around the hard times by thinking I'm helping out friends.

I absolutely hate soloing. I can only do about an hour of it.  I'd rather duo or party. If I wanted to solo, I'd go play another game, right? Anyway, so much has happened and I'm not bored at all in this game. I just wish I had the same amount of time in the game as I used to. I will work out a way.

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Lexicorro said...

it's a reason why a lot of my jobs are levelled 25-40. cos thats the most fun bits and also the cheapest too