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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brass Ribbons & Robes

I haven't played much in past few weeks. But amazing things happened when I did get on. On way back from a wedding out of state, my brother texted me that Windurst owned the Gustaberg OP. That was amazing.

We got in late Sunday night anyway so I didn't get on. I did get on Monday evening. Getting to Bastok area is not so easy. I ended up OP'ing to the Dunes, walk thru Konschtat to the Dem-Crag and then chocobo to the OP. Nothing else was going on so I just logged off. Darksday was not coming anytime soon.

The next time on, I parteid with Kirinkage (WAR) and Kakida (DRK). I was SMN. I was able to level to 44 in the party. We did 2 FOV pages before I had to go. Beaucedine is a crazy place to level. You are a sitting duck no matter where you are. At least this run we never died.

Today is Sunday and it's dynamis. We are doing Beaucedine. So I get on a bit early to station myself at zone. I checked conquest to see who owned the OP. Holy Shit!!! Windurst owned Ronfaure!!! So I had to get it. This would make doing Campaign easier. So I used my scroll of Retrace toget to San d [S]. I went to guy for evaluation in the city because I wouldn't be able to obtain another scroll. Holy Shit!! I got a new Ribbon. I am now a Brass Ribbon!! I guess the day of Campaigning my bro and I did helped a great deal. I grabbed my scroll and ran off to get my OP. After obtaining it, I went to park myself at Dyna zone. I ended up in a dd party. The run went well. Died only once. I got SMN relic robe too. RDM never dropped. That sucked. It was fun towards the end when everyone was gettong charmed and chasing people around. It was a good time though.

Well onto to my next adventure. Sorry no pics. I've been having difficulty taking screenshots from my laptop in Windowed mode.

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