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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aging Well in The Dunes

This weekend I was able to get on twice this weekend. Better than I thought with all the work I have to do. Can you believe this year I've been so busy that I haven't done my taxes yet? I have a week and a half to get it done and post marked. Wish me luck!!!! Anyway, I digress. I'll break down this weekend into 2 parts.

Part One: Friday

I get on to do Zannon's and my static of getting our jobs to 80 (SMN and PLD). He was busy at first so I went to sell stuff, buy stuff, you know... Run errands. Within 10 mins he was ready. I wasn't, lol. I was still fiddling on the AH.

Anyway, we meet up. We were going to do weapons in Saraumogue Champaign (however you spell it). We had the following w/ people:
- Zannon PLD
- me SMN
- Cyricbellheart BLM
- Nutbutter RNG
- Xani BLU
- DRK (don't remember person's name)

The party was ok. I got to try out Diabolos. I tried to curse and nightmare he mobs. Some got thru without the ability being stunned by the mob. I did get a lot of summoning magic skill ups. After a while we decided to change venur to Garlaige Shitadel. The party broke after that. I did get one level in the party.

Zan and I then decided to duo in Yhutunga Jungle. We took airship there. We ended up doing a couple of FOV pages before Zan had to go do Behemoth.
7-11-10 7
Boy the life of a high level player. Duoing I was able to use my staff. I got some staff skill ups too.

I want to get all weapon skills for the staff. One of the later one gives you back MP!!!! I'm going to be a fighting SMN, lol, if anyone wants me. Overall exp'g with Zan is a lot of fun when he doesn't take off on me.

Part Two: Sunday

I get on couple ours before dynamis to farm beehive chips to get fame. Zannon said he'd help when he was done. So I changed to my NIN so i can exp and farm at the same time. I head to Giddues to farm. I found Arison in the area waiting for an NM. He helped keep the area clear of yags while I was killing Wasps.

Zannon came as Arison was leaving. He gave me some chips too. Zan was handling the lower areas while I stayed ontop. It was getting hard to get the wasps when all the yags came back. They came back with a vengence too. Finally it became too dangerous so I dropped below. I told Zan I'd meet him in Windy, but he was near me. He traded me the chips he got for the honey i got. In the end I had 7 stacks and 7/12 of chips.

I went to trade in the chips in Windy Woods and received that stupid make up title. When I was done, I went to check my fame. Only level 5. I just moved up one level. *sigh* I really don't like Windy. San D, Selbina and Norg fame wasn't so miserable to get. So I went to station myself in the Dunes for dynamis tonight. I went and had dinner.

This is my first time doing this zone. It will also be a very memorable one too. Here's a bullett synopsis.
- enter zone, get cutscene
- system froze when downloading, restart PS3
- got in zone after i come back
- lag tastic S=69 R=4308
- no movement or spell casting
- screen goes black, kicked out
- restart PS3
- return get back in party
- run to find group
- found them, get couple spells off
- screen goes black, kicked out
- restart PS3
- get back in party and find group
- couple spells, black screen
- restart PS3
- get back in, try to find party at Selbina
- die 2 times on way to group
- click ??? when raised
- got win
- i stay far from pack, doing fine
- cast when i can
- we get kicked out zone due to time ran out

I really don't know what to say besides being pissed about lag and kicks. No gear dropped that I wanted. Still sitting at 60 points. Now all zones I need to beat are Qufim and Tavnazia.

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