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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hats Off To Me

I haven't blogged in what seems like 2 weekends. I was supposedly put on a self inflicted punishment in order to get my taxes done. Guess what! They are not done but really need to be and I've played the game, lol.

So last weekend I got on to level my SMN. It was me (SMN), Lordkaosu (NIN) and Kirinkage (WAR) in Zi'Tah. We decided to do a couple of pages. I was designated to pull. I'm pretty good at Carby pulling. This day thus guy named Myce was bring a jerk. He was taking every mob I sent Carby after. He was being a total jerk. So I finally get some mobs. I made a comment about the guy in pty chat and Kirin & LK responded in LS chat. Found out that the jerk is in our dyna shell. We were currently using because our normal one was empty. He made a comment saying he felt left out. I just ignored him.

We continue to exp when I get a tell from Zannon asking me why I didn't invite Myce to my party. I told him he was being a jerk. That's funny tho. He ran to Zannon to try to get into my little party. Anyway towards the end, Kirin fell asleep on us and I was so close to leveling that I invited Myce to the party. I got my 43 and finished playing for the night.

Next time I get on, LK and Kirin were doing pages in Terrigan. Zannon was busy again, so I joined the 2 in Terrigan, level Romidiant and gain some skill ups in the process. We did like to pages from FOV. Romidiant leveled to 42. I thought we continue, but LK wanted to Campaign. So we started to make our way to the past. LK got there first and found out he couldn't participate. So at that note, I decided to just log off.

Tonight I finally got the chance to do dynamis in a while. I've been busy. Tonight's area was Xarcabard. Well at least it was a pretty decent area. I still need Qufim win. So I get to start a DD party. I got Ashpool (WAR) Kakida (WAR), Sabont (THF), Rafbacca (WHM) and Nevaeh (DRG). I disconnected couple of times. Thank you Cablevision. And the RDM hat dropped again. So I just bid to bid not expecting anything. I went about my business as usual. I was raising Frizzlefry when Zannon said I could lot the hat. HOLYSHIT!!!! I got RDM hat. Maat definitely has to die quickly. I now have 3/5 pieces for RDM and that's not counting the RDM belt.The rest of night went like typical dyna fashion; deaths and drops. I had to get off at 10 pm. It was a good time. Hope they go tp Qufim one Sunday that I can make it. All in all, these past 2 weekends were not as action packed as previous, but I got shit done. Not what I wanted, but done.

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