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Friday, November 26, 2010

Damn It! Almost Had Him!!!!

So after a long time away from the game, the first thing I do when I get on, fight Maat. I was relaxed and ready. So I run off to see the old man. Everything was working like clockwork. He was staying slept. I even slept his chainspell. I got him down below 50%. Slept him, silenced him and then I put on my Chainspell. Of course he woke up and bind wore off.Then silence did, but I was still nuking him. He had put on a strong poison. So I tried sleeping him but he kept interrupting. So it was down to who was gonna die first! It was me due to poison. I couldn't take an anecdote nor cast a spell. But he was so close to death. I felt cheated. I so felt today was the day. So I was trying to get another testimony in Delkfutt Tower. Friend newly named Aukai (can't tell you his previous name because he'd like to play drama free) came to help. I grabbed a pot. We were going okay until he aggro'd 2 gigas. So in the end I was fighting pot alone and I died. I could've taken the pot if I didn't run out of MP. I had to HP and return. I put on RR and went to raise Aukai. I decided to take on the bats cause I have before. I slept the additional bat. Don't know what's going on but the bats were kicking my ass. They never kick my ass. I died of course. Aukai finished them off. i rested up and pulled another pot. I got the testimony. Thank goodness I didn't have to stay there all day. Then I joined Aukai in Cape Terrigan to do some FOV. I like doing this. I get skill ups and exp. I definitely need the exp before I head to another dynamis. I didn't get to finish page with him. My boyfriend came home and started to distract me, lol.

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