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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a Memorial Weekend!!!

This weekend was a great weekend of accomplishment. However, I didn't get all what I wanted to accomplish done but what a hell of a weekend!!!!

Saturday was the day of missions. I started off solo. I went to Castle Oztroja for another piece of magicite for Windy mission 4-1. I got so lost in therre that my bro Kirinkage had to come direct me and I have a map! So I made him escort me to my last leg of this mission in Beadeaux. By then we had Kakida and Naquel coming. Naq needed mission 5-1 also so we decided just to go ahead and take care of that mission. So I went to Jeuno to finish off 4-1, got my 20k in gil and went to Windy to start mission 5-1.

We all meet in Fei'Yin. However, we needed another healer and damage dealer for the mission. I got Ashpool and Kirin got a taru named Neoscrilla. This is the mission we have to take on skeletons. We did this mission so easy since we had some badasses in my party. Since we had everyone, we decided to just get the Shadow Lord fight down. So I had to run back to Windy to finish off mission 5-1 and start 5-2.

We all met back to Castle Zhavl Baileys in Xarcabard. We follow Neo thru the crazy place and make it to the throne room for the fight.
6-1-10 2
We were getting ready to enter when Naq went gung ho. He entered and attacked the Shadow Lord  before the rest of us could enter. So we had to wait for him to come out dead. So we entered the fight again, all of us this time. So while I was in my cut scene they started the fight. I find out that all my buffs were gone, so I only put on reraise. By time I finished casting, we were on the second phase. Ashpool, the badass that he is, had to be cured primarily. So the fight went by so fast that I couldn't take any screenshots. This by far was the fastest SL fight I've ever been in. I thanked everyone for their help. So I went from Rank 4 to 6. Not a whole lot of movement in the ranks, but I still feel accomplished.

On Sunday, Windy had finally captured the Dunes! I had to run and catch the op there. Once I captured the op, I decided to solo on my NIN. I did a page of FOV. I was doing well until I got a link and died. Lucky I had reraise up. I didn't level tho. I just finished the page because I beckoned to do something else. I had to miss dyna Xarcabard because I had party plans Sun night and had to go shopping.

Monday night after the 2 BBQs that I went to, I got on game to concentrate on Windy fame. My bro was concentrating on getting me a joytoy (Joyeuse). I went to Giddeus killing bees for beehive chips. I was on a roll deep in Giddeus when my bro told me to run to Sea Serpent Grotto to help camp and get some skill ups on placeholders. So I get there, with guidance of my bro, and we took on 2 mantas when Rethem came to join us. He wanted to take down some NM, so this guy Rum came along. Then they both came in. Rethem was telling my bro about which manta was a placeholder for Charbydis. He said we should kill stuff outside the door while we wait between pops.

So we leave and then he said we should go back in and wait so he can show us which pop is a placeholder. Within 5 minutes of waiting for the placeholder pop, Charby popped instead. OH SHIT!!!!! So we try to take it as dd that Reth was, NIN/DNC that RUM was and me & Kirin (PLD) cured. We wiped, but the great thing was that no one was there to grab claim!!!!! So we healed, Kirin hp'd and Nimotas was on his way as DNC/NIN. But Nim told us that people went thru gold door with him.

Shit!!!! So Rum took claim before the other guys came. So Rum, Rethem began to fight and Nim walked right in fighting. I was the best God-damn RDM on this fight. Charby couldn't keep any boosts going because he was dispelled often. He was slowed, paralyzed and gravitied. It was
great to have all the DNC and /DNC with curing waltz and healing waltz. It helped out a great deal. Kirin made it back and helped heal. I had to convert at one point. I didn't totally heal myself because I needed the MP. So when he got to 10% HP, he killed Nim and Reth leaving only Rum. I was screaming for Kirin to go attack, not that he could hear me, because the other people was dying to get such a great gift of a very weakened Charby. So Kirin buffed up and went to fight! He and Rum were doing great and I stopped enfeebling and concentrated
on curing. But guess what happened!!!! My timer on my TV turned my TV off. By time I got it back on, Charby was dead!!! I GOT MY JOYEUSE!!!!!! Hell yeah!!! No pics though, thanks to my timer.

So since I was on a winning high, I decided to tackle Maat. This time I let my bro who was sittin next to me, assist me in my fight. He could take the edge off and help me remember doing somethings when my nerves get the best of me. So he helped me define a new strategy, but
it's a slower strategy. It was working grandly, but Darksday ended and firesday began. How did we know? My sleeps were resisted!!!! So I ended up getting a face full of Asurian Fist. Oh well but I got a new strategy that works.

I went to chat with Romidiant at the rendevouz point in Windy Waters when I got back. In speaking to him, he gave me my very first tactics pearl quest. I'm shocked. So once again, I had my bro guide me where I needed to go. I had to head into Promyvian - Mea and search for
the ???. Did I mention, that when you enter the promy you are restricted to level 30? That sucks. But apparently your NPC is supposedly stronger than you. I didn't get to test this theory. I didn't get aggro. I got my ???, was warped out of there. I went back to Waters  and summoned Romi and got my tactics.

Tuesday, because I had the day off, I got on game to do more quests for Windy Fame. However, that didn't happen. First thing that happened was Lordgrim sought my help to fight an NM in Vunkel (S) - however you spell it. So I use my last charge on my Kingdom stable collar to get to San d'Oria quickly so I can enter the Maw there. So I met him in San d'Oria (S) and we tele'd to Vunkel. We were waiting for Celias and her funky internet connection. But after a while I just told LG to call me back when he's ready to roll.

I then ended up duoing with Ryuhlu, him on BLU. I level synced my RDM to 50 to duo in East Altepa. We took on 2 FOV pages before I had to leave. I did die once. I was hoping to gain experience, no to lose any. Ryu died twice.
6-1-10 1
Didn't get too many goodies though. I left Ryu and parked my char at Delkfutt Tower in Qufim. Zannon offered to help me get a new testimony. I went to eat dinner.

Upon coming back I proceed to head to the floor with the Magic Pots. I bump into Zannon farming gil waiting for me. Kirin happened to join us too. So we take out pots and the entire floor. I had brought out Romidiant. He also leveled to 37 after I got my testimony. So our bond
is getting stronger. I logged from gamr after Romi left. I had to get ready for work.

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