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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dynamis Lord Down... Bah

It is has come to once a week that I am playing. So I get on yesterday afte a disagreement with my mother. So I wasn't in the best of moods. I certainly didn't want to fight Maat. Just wasn't in me. So I decided to level NIN.

I throw in linkshell to see if anyone wanted to duo with me. Then I was rudely disconnected from game. I got back on and Naquel and Zannon both decided to join me. Naq was coming SAM and Zan was coming WAR. I had to buy gear first. I can't be level 17 using level 7 and 11 gear and weapons. I bought the Bone Set off of AH in Jeuno. As I was making last purchase I disconnected again.

I go back to Windurst to change when I got back on. I meet Zan and Naq at OP in the Dunes. I'm glad Naq is back in our linkshell. He makes it livelier. He's over all his drama. So we get our buffs and pages. I set forth to fight. The first mob we chose was a fly. We are near killing the fly when, guess what? I frickin' disconnect again!
7-11-10 1
I get back on and meet the guys at the oasis. We start killing again. So far we are doing well. We nearly slaughter every fly and crab in the vicinity. We get another page. Just as I was about to get some buffs, I disconnect again. If this happens again I am not doing dynamis later.

I get back and get to crackin'. I leveled to 19 by time we were done. I gained 2 levels. I luv both Zannon and Naquel. They are always down for whatever. Zannon is so supportive. He always asks me how my Maat fights going and gives me words of encouragement. He's sweet. He asked me when I go to test farming to let him know because he wants to help me.

So we run to Selbina to change to our jobs for dynamis. We are doing Xarcabard tonight. They want to try the Dynamis Lord again. So Zan teleported us to Xarc. I didn't have to worry about party since I was still in Zan's party. However I was still pulled out and put into Crazyone's party.
7-11-10 2
7-11-10 3
After like an hour, we head inside the zone. We go thru the zone taking out the 15 NM's, the dragons, then Ying and Yang. At this point, Crazy sends folks to job change for the big fight. The peeps come back and Crazy kicks me out of party to get bard songs. He never put me back in party when the big fight happens.
7-11-10 4
So I left my flag up. I was a bit pissed off at this point. I just didn't bother heal anyone nor did I buff anyone. I just pretended I was fighting the dynamis lord alone. We ended up taking him down and getting the win.
7-11-10 5
7-11-10 6
7-11-10 7
I am still partyless. They want to take pics and shit. As you can tell, I'm still a bit pissy. Then Crazy was like oh yeah, I'm gonna get you in party now. So they want my help to farm but not to fight the big guy. F'k that. I was just too pissy by then that I had to leave. Not because it was time for me to get ready for bed but because I was too thru with the whole situation. Oh well. I got the win. Everyone was excited but me. I'm just that Redheaded stepchild that noone wants tonight.
7-11-10 8

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