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Monday, July 19, 2010

SMN BRD RDM Oh My. I'm Excitez

So today's dynamis. We are doing Jeuno again. I don't remember if I got my gear from here. I have the tights but don't know if boots drop here. Oh well. I arrive to Jeuno and was placed in the tank party with Zannon. :) I then ran off to take a quick shower because I had just gotten back from the beach.

Upon my return I got a tell from Inchigo. Haven't seen him on game in a long time. He told he partied with Titen and Naquel earlier. Then he said he didn't have a linkshell. Told him to run here to Jeuno so I can give him a pearl. He made it just in time I was about to head into the dynamis zone.

So once in we start killing as usual. And a lot of gear drops were going free lot. I was thinking of either leveling THF or NIN as my high level dd/support job. So I bid on the THF boots and won it with a lot of 982! Wow! Never get lots that big. NIN stuff dropped but it wasn't free lot so I didn't bother bid. A Relic Staff dropped too and I won the lot wih a whopping 930 points again!!! That is just crazy!! Just wished RDM/SMN gear dropped but they never did. :(

What was really exciting for me was having BRD refresh ontop of my own refresh my mp recovery was 6mp/tick. That's pretty fast. I also didn't have to put on many buffs because SMN was putting on Stoneskin, Phalanx, Blink and other stat boosts. I was in mage heaven.

I died once when someone attacked a SMN mob when no one was ready and it astral flowed and we all hit the ground. Other than that the run was good. We got he win for those who needed it. Only thing that could've made the run better would've been RDM gear drop and I got the piece.

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