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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Diabolical Buburimu

So it's been a while again that I've been on the game. However, I've been on since my last post, basically like 4 hrs in total. I mostly farmed & helped a friend. Nothing major.

So I decide to get on today to see if I can do Maat and if I can get COP 3-5 done. I couldn't do dynamis if I didn't beat 3-5 anyway. Tonight was Buburimu. 

I get on and Darksday was just ending. Damn it. So I started farming. I went to Giddeus to farm. As I was farming I was discussing with my linkshell, NPF, that I need to get 3-5 done and if anyone wants to help me. Zannon, DRG and  Solesiren, WHM said they'll help immediately. These 2 are down for everything. Then Frizzlefry said he'll come as DRK. Woot now there's 4 of us, now I need to coax 2 other people. So I was able to get Rethem, DRK and Vourant WAR.  So we were to meet in 30 mins.

I decided to finish things up in Giddeus and go post myself at place in Beaucidine. I had to do some work. I only sat there for probably 20 mins before people started to show up. Zannon and Vourant showed up first. Both of them are dying for me to beat the old man that they gave me stuff to help with the fight. They are so sweet. So we waited for the rest of the folks. When everyone arrived we ran in.

There were some logistical issues. We all got lost besides Frizz and Zannon. I was the 3rd person to find the spot without aggro. Sole, Vourant, Reth were still lost. Sole got aggro. Frizz went back to find them. Vourant made it to us. Rethem then went to help Sole out. Frizz & Reth died. They hp'd and came back. Then Reth made it to us & Frizz got lost. LMAO!!!!! So we are together again and before I clicked the burning circle Frizz & Rethem clicked and entered the Waking Dreams  fight which was the prime avatar battle. So they both were a wrap. So they hp'd & came back. So I told them to wait until I click it.  So I click and entered and got my cutscene. When the cs was done we went to the fight. We killed it in the 1st attempt. No one fell nor did they die. Woot!!!!! I can now go to Outland dynamis!!!! Yay!!

I thanked everyone for their help. Frizz says he's not going to this fight ever again. I don't blame him, even though he kicked ass.  I went to finish this mission in Jeuno. I then went to station myself in Buburimu for dynamis later that evening.

I come back to the game in time for dynamis. I was sitting next to Rethem.
6-20-10 2
I ended being in the pulling team with a little bit of damage dealers. So I followed peeps to our first camp where we got the win.
6-20-10 1
After getting the win, we took on nightmare crabs. There I died my first time. Then we tried nightmare efts next. Then we tried the nightmare rerab. One of those wiped the whole team, lol. We were not on our game at that point. So that was my 2nd death.  We left the to try the nightmare  crow. That was a wipe too when 24 crows came a calling. That was death 3. When we rose we took on the nightmare crawlers. Those were pretty easy. We knocked them out and got drops as we were running out of time. We got 4 gear in less than 10 mins. Good times.

Tomorrow is the long awaited update. Level cap increases to 80.

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