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Friday, June 11, 2010

One More Lesson Learned

 I forgot to mention one more thing that I forgot to mention in my last post. I'm quite besides myself as to why I forgot to mention this. It was by far the most interesting thing that happened that weekend.

This takes place when I was leveling NPC with Nimotas and Vourant in Cape Terrigan. Both Nim and Vou had to go AFK, but Frizzlefry came to give Vourant a pearl for our dynamis LS. So I went to get Frizz to show him where we were. Well of course things didn't run smoothly. I got aggro'd by a crab. I normally can't take crabs by myself, but I tried. I hoped that one of my party members came back in time. If not I could call for help. So I took on the crab.

When he attacked I didn't have any buffs on. My reraise had worn off. I was able to put rr on and stoneskin while fighting. It was a slow fight, but I was taking him down. If it was the new sword I don't know. I was on a roll and I had a lot of mp to cure myself and refresh my buffs. I got this crab down to less than 10% when the worst thing happened!!!! Can you guess what it was? Well herr it is. Nimotas came back from being AFK and came and killed it with one swing. He did it so fast I couldn't scream "Do not help me." Darn it!

That was exciting for me. That crab read Tough for me!!!! I was not even /NIN!!!!!!!! I was kicking ass /WHM!!!! For those that said RDM/WHM, can't melee too much, after that fight, I'd give them the finger!!!  They say RDM/NIN is impossible to gage well RDM/WHM is kick ass!!! I'm so proud of myself!!!!

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