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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little of This And That

 made a plan to get on fot an hour to tweak my Maat macros with my new enfeebling torque. I need to put earth staff in macro too. Need to equip it when I kite.

So I log on and my plan failed. I decided to finish up the ZM mission Ark Angels. I went to choose my earring. I took the Abyssal one. It at least gives me Int +2 and dark magic +2. So I ran to Sky. Had a little
difficulty entering Romeave (however you spell it). Damn weapon want to aggro me as I zone in. I finally get in and anle to throw on a silent oil. That oil didn't last for squat. I rounded the wrong corner and it wore. Lucky I was able to cast sneak instead. That lasted the whole trip with me getting lost in the process.
I made it to the Hall if Gods and teleported to Sky. I took some pics and video with my phone, since we can't screen shot the experience. If this works well, I may take more videos from a real camera if I can do
the coordination.
5-4-10 1
5-4-10 2

After getting my ring, I mailed more stuff to TL, went to Jeuno and logged.

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