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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Winner of Dreams

So I get on to try Diabolos Prime fight again. I really want a new avatar for SMN.  This one allows me to have minimal amount of fame in Windy & have COP 4-1 done.  So this would be my 3rd or 4th time trying for this fight.  I have Frizzlefry BLM & Zannon WAR already lined up. So I searched for others. I end up getting Nimotas DRG, Cherub SMN & Sadirah RDM/DRK (for chainspell stun).  So this is how it went down....

1st Attempt - Died when Diabolos @ 3%
      Get in, kick ass, Sadirah chainspell went off, but the stun didn't go off.  So chainspell was wasted and he nightmared and wiped us.

2nd Attempt - Died when Diabolos @ 90%
     Get in, 2 hits, he casts nightmare, he kills us all.

3rd Attempt ...
      Get in, stunning, no nightmare, was casting cure couple times, then tried to cast Cursna on Zannon but the spell wouldn't cast, WTF!!! OMF'inG DIABOLOS IS DEAD!!!!! We beat Diabolos. I can't believe it.

After the fight, I asked Frizzle to D2 me & he can nexus cape to me. I ran to Windy Waters to find Kerutoto so I can get my crystal to summon Diabolos. Nexus Cape works fast!!! As I was running a little teeny Taru ran by me. It was Frizzle. So I see Kerutoto and get the ability to summon Diabolos.

I ran back to my mog house to change into SMN to try him out.  I was nearly out of my seat with excitement. I can cast Nightmare & Comadisode (however you spell it). Hot stuff. I took a pic of course.

So after I tried out Diabolos, I had to change back to RDM for dynamis. We were doing Bastok tonight.  I was in tank party again. This time we didn't have a BRD. Just another RDM. But Zannon was in my party as WHM tho. He gave me devotion which was great, but MP didn't get back as fast as with BRD, lol.  I was hoping that THF, NIN or SMN gear would drop but none dropped while I was there. THF did after I left. Just my luck.  I died once due to, I have no idea.

I had a pretty good game day. Only wish I was able to tackle the old man.

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