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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Palling Around with Friends

When I logged onto game, my friend Naquel had sent me a tell. I was in Jeuno when I logged on. I met up with him in Lower Jeuno. I was finishing up my quest for my Gobbie Quest and puttin things on AH. He
said he was bored and looking to party but cab't get an invite. I said I could duo with him on my NIN in Buburimu Pennisula if he was game. He said sure.

Before I go any further, today I had taken off from work because the water man was coming. I was also waiting for my beautician to call me so I could get my hair braided. It's a 4 to 5 hour process. Now back
to your scheduled program.

So I run to Windy to change to my NIN. I meet up with him in Bubu. He came as WHM to my NIN. We take a page out the FOV book. We are supposed to kill 6 Sylvestres and 1 Rabbit. We take out the rabbit
first. We started on the Sylvestres.
5-14-10 - not
I think we got to 3 down before Naq went down. I tried to call for a raise. I got no answer. He asked if he should HP back. I told him no, I'll change in Mhaura and come
back to raise him. He fussed aboute losing my page for FOV. Told him not to worry about it, I can always get another page. So I throw on invisible and head off to Mhaura.

As I get 2 steps from Mhaura, I get 2 phone calls back to back. I paid the calls not as much attention as I should of. One was my mother and the other my beautician. She tells me to come and my mom said
something to effect of picking her up. So once inside Mhaura I told Naq to HP because I had to go pick up my mother. He said no problem. I then shut off the gamr with me in Mhaura.

Next day I took a little time to get my anniversary ring on both characters. I did it first on TK. I apparently talk a lot. I haven't as much as I thought. Unless this number is just between last event and this event. Then it would be way out of tune. Here are my stats and a picture of me wearing he dinner suit given for the event.
5-14-10 - not
5-14-10 - not
Now here's TL's stats. It is pretty bare but what gets me is that I died because of poison. But the stats does not reflect it in the # of K'Os. I guess it only reflects mobs killing you. Oh well. Here's her stats and pic in the dinner gear.
5-15-10 - not
5-15-10 - not

Here's a pic from last weeks Dynamis in Jeuno. It's of 2 cute tarus I know. One is the king of dynamis, lol.
5-9-10 - not

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