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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Ramuh Hooo!!!

So today I get on to farm some chips for my Windy fame, of course. I had an hour to kill so what the hell. Farming is necessary work.

So I gear up as NIN/DNC. I realize I need Shihei. Explorer moogle is out. So I run to San D because there's always some on AH and I really didn't want to go to Jeuno. I get to San D to find out there was none. A big fat 0! I just wasted my gil sending myself there. Now I have to spend some more to get to Jeuno. Bah... This is killing my time. I get to Jeuno, buy my shihei and ran back to Windy.

I warp op to E Sarta to head onto Giddeus. I farm and get exp at same time. The farming was God awful. For the whole time there I only got 9 chips. I'd had at least 5 to 6 stacks normally. Sucks. I did level to 20. There was at one point I thought I was going to die. I decided to get rid of a Yag that was just standing around. As I was fighting him, not 1 but 3 wasps linked and joined the fight. So I was being hit by 5 mobs (yags elemental) and could not cast Utsusemi. I, at one point, was down to 120 hp. Once the yag died, the fight got easier. I wasn't going down without a fight!!!! I ended up killing them all with my HP at 128. Hot Damn I'm good. I decided to leave Giddeus with my measely 9 chips. I killed some mandys and crawlers on my way to op. I got 2 cornettes and a yag sulfur.

Upon arriving back to Windy, I proceed to turn in my spoils of the night. I decided, hey let me check my fame before I log off. So I ran to the fame taru. She proceeded to inform me that people must be living under a rock if they didn't know who I was. I ran to check what that meant on the nearest computer that was on. Holy shit!! I got level 6!!! I can get Ramuh!!!! I'm excited!!! I run to Mhaura to start the quest before I log.

As I was running I was telling my linkshell and Zannon that I can do the Ramuh fight. Zannon asked if I want to do it then. I said sure. I ran back to Windy to change into RDM. Lugado and Lordkaosu wanted to do fight too. So we all had to meet at Boyhada Tree. Lugado had connection issues and couldn't go any longer. Lordkaosu was starting come then stopped and then came again. So it was just the 3 of us: WAR 85, MNK 75 and RDM 70. We run thru tree to Cloister of Storms. We buff then go in for fight. The fight was easy. Well at least for the 2 dds. I don't dd, but I kept Zannon healed a lot. LK didn't need as much. The fight ended in 3 mins and change. I get my Whisper.

I ran off to Windy then Mhaura to finish quest. I got RAMUH!!!! I run back to Windy and changed into SMN. I had to go bring him out of course.

3 more summons to go: Titan, Ifrit and Fenrir. Hot damn!!!

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