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Sunday, July 4, 2010

That God Damned Old Man

So I get on to get supplies & wait for Darksday to fight that old man. It was Watersday when I logged on.  I have 3 Vana'diel days to go before Darksday.  So I logged on as Tigerleigh, first. I wanted to get a level and some more gil for her to start crafting.  I got her to level 6 before I switched to TK.

So I run to Jeuno to buy supplies, sell stuff, and get finish off the latest Gobbiebag quest I had open. I ended up with 70 slots in my inventory now.  2 more Gobbiebag quests to go to get 80 slots.  So I still have a lot of time to kill.

I decide to FOV in Battalia Downs with my SMN.  So I chose the 1st page. I start off w/ 3100/6k of exp. I had to kill saplings and flies. I find the saplings easily. The flies were giving a warm time.  I couldn't find one to save my life. I brought out Romidiant to help me fight decent challenges and even matches as I searched for the damn flies.  I finally found them in a dangerous area where there were tons of gobs and tigers around. I finally finished my page and didn't even notice it. So I ran back to Jeuno with only 400 exp to level. I could've just finished off the level, but I was hungry. So I went to mog house and changed back to RDM and sat myself next to the old man to wait for Darksday.

I come back to see Arison. I haven't seen him since ClanBelmont broke up. I gave him a pearl & one for Arisonsbaby for NPF. So just the beginning of Darksday and I entered the fight. He resisted all sleep and Asurian fisted me to the face. So I gathered my friend Rum to help me get a new testimony in Delkfutt Tower. On the first pot, the testimony dropped. So I ran to try that old man again since it was still Darksday. I enter again. I am doing very well even though I almost died, but managed to save my ass.  Then when I got him to below 50% he chainspelled  & he resisted both sleep 1 & 2. So I ended up face up again. I need a new testimony.

I am growing tired of this old man. I was so annoyed, that I logged off the game. I was supposed to duo with Syl but I was in a rotten mood, so I logged off.  So that was my adventure.

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