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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Windsday's No Good For Me

I really haven't done any exciting things in the past week or so. It's been pretty standard. I have been working on some goals tho.

So i decided to try Maat again. This time I tried him on Windsday instead of my usual Darksday. I heard that casting Aero III would be more powerful on Windsday. So I tried him then. The #1 thing that happenend was that he wouldn't sleep. So I bound and silenced him. So I could get away from him. I cast Aero 3 but it didn't do any significant damage as if I'd done it on Darksday. So I repeat the bind and silence on him again since he won't sleep. I'm even wearing me enfeebling torque that was requested that I should use. I used one
vile elixir but he came unbound just as quickly and asurian fisted me to death. Oh well, I tried something new. Back to Darksday.

I've been selling gear and items that I don't need any time soon. I figure that the only things that I am going to be working on are SMN, /NIN, /DNC. I was goin to /BLM but I totally changed my mind at level 12. So I am totally selling my mage gear after I no longer need it. All other battle gear I am selling too. When and if I need them in future, I will purchase them again or go farm them in Giddeus.

I have started to craft on TigerLeigh. I have joined the cooking guild. I also decided she will not touch the gil I sent over from TK. She's gonna earn the gil from FOV or if I get supplies from TK. I need to save my gil for the overly expensive gear and accessories after 70. So TL is now level 3.

I couldn't do dynamis on Sunday. They went to Dunes. i need to find folks to help with COP 3-5. I got Kirinkage and Frizzlefry to help me and Houshisama. I need 2 stunners. Wish Demicus came on regularly.
Kadianna is gone completely. Oh well. When I find them, then I will get it done.

I trio'd with Kakida and Grayghost on my SMN. I am now 29. However, me and GG died twice but Kakida once. We attempted an NM by mistake. I was dead with one shot. Oh well. We had a pretty ok time. I really need to work on Windy, Bastok and Kazham fame. I still need Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh, Diabolos and Fenrir. I can't getthe new ones, Odin or Alexander, until I'm 75.

I have been trying to level my NPC and farm items I need. The first place we did (Kirin, Houshi and myself) did was Onzonzo. Romidant leveled to 35 there. He didn't last as long as Nanako or Houshi's NPC.
His NPC is level 61. Where as Nanako was 42. The second place I went to level was Delkfutt's Tower for my RDM testimony. He lasted a whole lot longer than ever before. He leveled to 36 in the Tower. After I
left the tower, I went to Jeuno to place stuff on AH and sell some stuff. I also did a NPC quest while I was there. I am now able to view and spend my fellowship points with Romidant. I have a bit more than
24.4k in points.

See nothing very exciting. I also got my inventory to 65 too. But I am making a commitment to kill that old man. I'm quite tired of being level 70 and being left out of things. Give me couple of months and I
will be 80, lol. I will post a progress post in couple of days.


Lexicorro said...

I heard that maat was easier on Sam and you can macro most of it. That's what I'm doing. Although now I find I like Sam quite a lot and will be probably end up sticking with it assuming I manage to best maat.

Lexicorro said...

I beat maat first go on SAM! After all the prep it took literally 25 seconds to down him! self skillchains wasted him!

I know you keep trying maat on rdm, I would recommend doing the easiest maat to get it out of the way and then come back to rdm maat later or never if you don't plan on gets maat's cap. Otherwise you may never get rdm to 75. I gave up on bst because it was plain that I couldn't cope with the complicatedness of it and the cost was bankrupting me.

I wrote it up on ffxi wiki if its any help

Tiger's Lair said...

Thx, but I'm stubborn. I want to beat him to the ground with RDM. I will feel so much better if I did. Tho, I'm leveling SMN as an alternative.