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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One PO'd Elvaan

This weekend's fan fare wasn't great. Even though it was a 3 day weekend I only got on game once. That once was enough to really piss me off. I even missed Dyna on Sunday.

So I get on game to level SMN. I was 6100/6700 to leveling to 40. So I asked around who wanted to join me. The only real taker was Nimotas. We've duo'd before. So we meet in Altepa. We chose page 3 of FOV. We had to kill 5 ants and 7 dhamels. Zannon and myself took on these together by ourselves before with no issue. Nim came WAR/DNC. We started the page. I pull a dhamel. Why did I get aggro'd by a gob that was no where near me. So I died.

We continue on. And the deaths continued. Kirinkage joined us death continued. Nim left death continued. So now I am pissed. So I decided to log with 5500/6700 to level SMN to 40. It was a horrible time on.

Side note: I have tried FFXIV. I am not a fan yet. I can't understand the controls nor the fighting style. Guess I am truly not much of a gamer. They say the controls are similar to other games. Oh well. The game runs better in windowed mode than full screen on our computer. It's pretty. I can give Sqeenix that. BTW, I play a Black Mithra in game, lol with the same name as FFXI. So if you on Besaid server look me up if I'm on.


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