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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Job Debates

Last night my bro asked me if there was a job that I secretly wanted to play but haven't touched. That's a good question. All the jobs that I am leveling to 75 are the ones I like, RDM and SMN. I should try to at least have a dd job. So far I have leveled DRG and THF to 15. DNC to 11 and NIN 17. However, THF and DNC are considered support jobs and not DD jobs. I find NIN and THF to be very similar.

I am liking NIN but not as far as wanting to use it as a tank. I do not have /WAR nor do I intend to level it. I currently /DNC with my NIN. I like the combination. So if I take NIN past 37, I will stick with the combo. The only part of NIN that I don't like is buying all the tools to cast your spells. I'm just so used to having my mp based spells.

I don't think I'll level DRG because of thr /WAR requirement. Also, I can't control my wyvern in the extent I can can control my avatar. Meaning, I can't send it to attack and bring back a mob. THF, well Sneak Attack Trick Attack just confounds me. Pulling is ok with me tho. I do pretty well at pulling. DNC I will take to 37 if NIN goes to 75. But that's all speculation at this point.

I have not unlocked SCH, PUP, BST, or COR. I have no interest what so ever. SCH may be very interesting to others but I'm way too magey. I have SMN and RDM. 2 is enough. BST is just so...beastly, lol. To be honest, the automations for PUP scare me. So PUP is OUT. COR, besides resetting timers, I don't find them useful.

All other jobs I have unlocked because I was seeking fame. I am not interested in BRD, BLU, RNG or PLD. I am not a tank girl, so PLD is out. BRD too magey. As I said before 2 is enough. RNG hits hard but
not so much interesting. BLU, bah, just a tweeked RDM with no benefits for the party. They get to battle more.

I was interested in DRK for a minute as well as BLM for subs for dynamis but eh, not a necessity. I amcso not emo or goth so DRK really don't strike me as a viable job for me. (Just in case you missed the undertones, that was a joke.) Seriously, DRK no longer interests me. BLM was just so boring since I've done the nuking on RDM. As for now I'm pretty content with jobs I am choosing to level. My interest in the game has weened. My time has been limited tho.

Do I think I can take more than the 2 jobs to 75? Very possibly, but like any high level player, I am running out of storage. As you get higher, your gear starts to become rare/ex so you can't sell it. Nor can you send it to a mule for storage. I am not buying a storage token either. You know how many tokens I have to use in life to access stuff? Bah, an annoying piece of plastic. And when the battery dies you have to purchase a whole new one. GTFOH!!! Not me. The added security I believe is more for computer users.

Anyway, nice having this one sided conversation with you. We should do it again. Until my next post, besos.

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