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Sunday, June 6, 2010

To Learning New Things

Nothing spectacular happened this weekend. It was just average.

On saturday I logged on to continue to farm beehive chips for Windy fame. So I immediately ran off to Giddeus. I start killing bees but with very little reward. I realized that I forgot to sub THF. So I warped back to Windy to change. Now that I changed, drops were coming. As I was farming Nimotas asked if I could help with Charby. I told him yes since he had helped me with mine. I told him to let me know the closer the window was. So I continue to farm until I was bored. I made 2 stacks of beehive chips and a good amount of honey for Kakida. He makes me echo drops so it's a win win solution.

So i ran off to Sea Serpent Grotto to meet up with Nimotas and Rum. We were the first people to arrive. After half an hour another party came. So it was down to who claimed Charby first. The other team did. But they successfully wiped leaving Charby to us. Unfortunately they didn't damage him too much. Then we wiped. The other party reclaimed and got him. We never get  Charby on first try. We always wipe. So I warped and logged off game.

Sunday, I got on with Tigerleigh first. I did one page of FOV. I am trying to get her to use her own gil to farm with and not the gil TK sends to her to hold. So I got her to level 5. So she has some gil now to start the crafting. I then switch to TK. I get on and sell stuff from my inventory from Sat. I finally reached fame level 4. So whenever we do COP 3-5 we can immediately take care of the diabolos avatar battle too. Yay!! So then I decide to FOV by myself in the Jeuno area on SMN. I op to Qufim. I decided to FOV there. I was originally going for Battalia Downs. So I grab a page and sat and healed. Then Nimotas showed up. So I got him to duo with me. Unfortunately he died twice. So he suggested we FOV in Cape Terrigan and level our NPC. So I had a tactics pearl to burn and I just received a new quest for another one earlier when I summoned Romi. 

So we meet up in Terrigan and chose a page to go and do. Att he beginning of this run, Romidiant was level 37. I used my signal pearl and all 4 charges on my tactics pearl. At the end of the night Romi was level 40. During our run, I added Vourant to he party. All 3 of us were leveling our NPCs.
I gave Vou a pearl for the new ls NPF too. Rethem made me a sack.  The very last thing I did before I logged off was get a new tactics pearl in Tele-Mea with Nimotas. while getting the tactics pearl we killed mobs in Promy-Mea. Did you know if you kill 30 mobs you het max experience for your NPC? I didn't. After I clicked the ??? We were supposed to click, Romi gained 1500 exp points. Hot damn. I'll  do that everytime I have to get a tactics pearl. Romi also has this hot gear that I can't lock. 


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