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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Damn It...... Old Man is a Beast

So I finally tried Maat again. This how many tries? Don't know. I just gave up counting a while ago. So it started off well. I got him to, I think, 60% before he resisted both sleeps and bind. So I need to get a new testimony. Bah.

I going to level up SMN. And that what I did. I got Kirinkage to join me. We headed back to the desert. However, upon arriving I got aggro'd by a Manticore and Carby was no where around. He couldn't keep up with me. I ended up being killed by the Manticore while Kirin is fighting for his life from a Gob. He ended up dying too. We just started when all this happened. So we lost our buffs from book. We just ran around killing what we needed. The first page mobs gave shitty exp.

By time we were ready for a second page we were joined by Vourant. He came as MNK/DNC. The second page gave a bit more exp. After page was done we got one last one and then just killed anything around. We stayef away from spiders, gobs, worms, cacti and manticores. That just ledt beetles and anticans. All in all I have 600 points to level to 40.

I want to make a couple of corrections from my last post. The weapon skill I learned was Starburst not Stardust. And I did get the win from Valkrum Dunes. I checked my status today and it said "Valkrum Dunes Interloper". So I have access to Tavnazia. I'll probably not even try for Tav any time soon. I'll let the higher levels have fun.

FFXIV open beta starts tonight. I want to try it. Wish me luck.

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