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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lord of Dynamis

This weekend was a very eventful weekend. I spent a lot of time duoing with Naquel. I also taken care of a lot of business.My plans were canceled on Friday so I came home and played the game to cool off.

On my way home, my bro told me there was some drama in his Nyzul LS. Ah the the endgame life. Always drama!!!!! Anyway once I logged in, I get to talking with Naquel. So we decide to duo. Him on his SAM and then changed to DRG and me on my SMN. I was tired of Qufim and suggested we do Battalia Downs.

So we meet up there. We meet up and sync to me. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Naquel hits extremely hard. It's actually meritted 3/4. So during duoing it's hard to cure him. He takes soooo much hate and sooooo many cures. Hard to keep him healed. So at one point, I decided to use my emperor band and I accidentally called out Romidant. Doh! But I learned something tho. I can have both Romi and Carby out at the same time. So Romi has gotten some experience, not a lot tho. So Naquel brought his out too. His is a Mithra named Fhig.
5-23-10 3

Naquel died twice. He's a good sport about it. He really a sweet guy. I got my friend SBrightBlade to come and raise Naq. After he comes and raised Naq, I believe by time he zoned into Jeuno, Naq was down again.
He got aggro while he was healing. SBB was coming back to raise, but Inchigo's friend Tokashi happened to run by and raised him. SBB then said to Naq, "Try to stay alive this time, my party's waiting for me."
Now Naq replies, "So go then, this Naq and TK's time, alone." LMAO. Anyway, I was getting sleepy and had to run off. Kirinkage ended up taking my place after his Nyzul run. I did level to 32 by time I left.

Sunday I had a big day of odds and ends. I needed to run errands (do quests), missons and selling stuff. I'm in clean up mode. I figured I do these while wait for Darksday to arrive. So Kirin tells me I should take the next quest for my NPC. Ok, the last one didn't suck but this one did. Had me run to Windy and then find food which had me all over the map. In true FFXI form, it took me pretty much 1.5 hrs of running around and I didn't have one food item, San d'Oria tea. Apparently you either have to be a Sandy Resident or have someone cook it for you. So this quest took so much of my errand running time.

Naq then also contacted me too. We decided to duo again, but this time I needed to do NIN. I needed to get the frustration off of my back. I gear up and meet Naq in Dunes. We level sync and get moving. He came as SAM again. This time out he was more careful at taking time to rest now that I can't cure him. We take on lizards. We mainly stayed near the Konshtant side of the Dunes. When Kirin got home, he decided to get me
the tea for the stupid quest. He also came to power level us. As I he was on the way, I decided to pull a bat. But this bat was a bit unusual. He hardly took a hit, then Naq went down then I went down. We both had rr on, thank goodness. Kirin found us when we were healing.
5-23-10 2
Fully healed, Naq went and attacked a lizard too close to gob camp. Needless to say we were attacked by 4 gobs. Thank goodness for Kirin. I couldn't even put on my shadows. I did level during the battle and
capped my katana skills by time we finished all the gobs. The gobs were IT to me. So we just started to take on tougher mobs. After a while, around 5, I told Naq i have to go so I can finish the quest up and get ready for dynamis.

I ran off back to Windy and gave in the goods requested. I had to go back to Jeuno and talk to Luto again. Then she sent me to find the little girl from the beginning of the NPC quests. At the end, our bond was strenghtened. We'll see how strong it is when I next call him out next time.

I ran off to Xarcabard where dynamis is being held tonight. There was a message in the ls saying we will try the Dynamis Lord tonight. I place my self at the trail markings and went to go eat dinner. When I get back we still haven't formed parties or anything. I just waiting for a while. So I decided to catch up with some bills.

So dynamis was any typical run except we concentrated on the NMs more than the regular mobs. I guess we have to defeat all the NMs for Ying and Yang to spawn. By time we made it to Ying and Yang, I died twice.
We get to Ying Yang, I died at the first attempt. After the 2 dragons went down, we decided to pull the Dynamis Lord. We had to buff all the dd's. We mages sat down to heal for a while. Then they get the dynamis lord. Everyone was trying to zerg, but DL slept everyone. So the chainspell stuns didn't go off when they wanted to. So in the end DL won. He summoned back Ying and Yang from the grave too. I only got a
picture of DL's back as he was walking away from stepping on me. I didn't have the time while nuking and curing. I was a busy woman.
5-23-10 1

Here are some better pictures that my LS mate, Clinpachi had taken. It makes me wish I was still playing on my PC. *sigh*
5-23-10 5
5-23-10 6
5-23-10 7
5-23-10 8
5-23-10 4
5-23-10 9

This is by far was a very interesting weekend. I'm looking forward to
meeting the old man, continuing to work on quests to get my fame up,
and leveling my sub and next 75.


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