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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On The Road to Owning a Pet.

Played: 2.5 hours Got on to farm & start the SMN quest. So I head to Windh to start quest, but to find out that I have to get the Carbuncle Ruby first. So I head Burburimu Peninsula to farm Poison Leeches. Olibhear and Kirinkage joined me in farming for the Ruby and stuff to sell. I was and still am broke as hell. I can't even afford to buy me a drink. We farm and farm but we had a lot of competition. There was this guy and girl stealing leeches from me. Pissed me off. I screamed out B@!ches!!! I was so pissed. I got a stack & a half of blood when they asked to join our party. They wanted the blood & they were going to get the Ruby for me. I said fine. I'll still get some money. I did get the Ruby. I then disbanded. I farm some more and got 2 more blood. Then I leave for Windh to start SMN quest. Traveling in Windh In Windh I head to NPC to sell my blood. Then I head to the NPC with the quest and accept it. I have to get the Ruby to experience 7 weather effects: Snow, Earth, Wind, Thunder/Lightning, Clear Skies, Rain and Heat. I then warp to Jeuno. Then I chocobo it to San.D.. On the way there I experience 2 weather effects: Clear skies and Rain. I get to San.D. and logoff.

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