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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boo Yah! I got it. I got It. I Finally got it.

Played: Forever (I believe the longest time ever 5:40pm to 12:40am) I get on to do some more Crawlwer's Nest map quest. I was in San D when I logged on. I was supposed to stop and get a supply run to Derfland. Of course I forget. I warped to Jeuno immediately. I rented a chocobo to Rolanberry Fields to find the monument there. I find it without any difficulty .I had to get off of my chocobo, darn it. I'm lazy. I hate walking. I had to walk back to Jeuno. I don't remember how I got to Selbina. I think I used my Kingdom Collar. I hand in tablet to guy and get more clay. For the whole day I have gotten 4 monuments and spent 1500 on transportation alone. The easy one in W Ronf had me searching for 45 mins. The last one I got for the night was Tahrongi Canyon. I didn't have time to get that back to Selbina yet. During my monument hunt I did manage to do the Derfland supply quest. I can now OP warp to Pashow Marshland. I can't understand why I would want to go there. It's all wet and muggy there. However, when I got the Tahrongi monument I got help to finish mission 4-1 by Kirinkage and Ridant. So I warp to Jeuno from Tahrongi. Kirinkage and I chocobo to Beadeaux. Ridant OP warped to, guess where, Pashow. We meet up in front of Beadeaux. We find the 2 NM's to fight. Ridant D2'd me back to Jeuno so I can get the other 2 items needed to finish the Beadeaux part of 4-1. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket So I chocobo back to Beadeaux. Ridant & I make our way to the magicite. I get it. Then Ridant went AFK. He came back and D2'd me back to Jeuno. He had to log. The top he wears is hot. It can only be worn by 70+ BLMs. Damn. Anyway, I jumped off topic. I meet Kirinkage in Meriphitaud Mountains by Castle Oztroja. Photobucket We go thru and take care of business. I get the last magicite and warp to Jeuno and finish the mission. RANK 5 BOOO YAH!!!!!!! Now I need to find an easy way Selbina. I was gonna OP warp to Jeuno from Qufim, but then I remembered I just got my airship pass. I can use it. So I took my first ride from Jeuno to San D. Woo hoo. Photobucket I then OP warp to Dunes the head to Selbina to do the trade with the mayor. I now have completed 8/15 monuments. Yay. Now that I got the airship pass I can get to the other areas faster. Yay!!!! I head back to San D (OP warp). When I get back to San D I decide to clean house. Sold items, rearrange stuff, etc. Then I log.

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