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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have Kazham Wings...Will Fly

Played: 3 intervals in 2 days Day 1 - Interval 1: I got on yesterday at 1:40 pm to go to Bastok to get Tele-Dem Crystal, Parlborough Chest Key and complete Bastok portion of Mission 2-3. It went pretty cool. I was in San.D. and we chocobo'd it to Bastok. We stopped in Konschrat Highlands to get my Tele-Dem crystal from the telecrag. S Gustaburg Then we get to Bastok and I go around doing the missions. I buy all the maps in Bastok, including the one for Parlborough Mines that I need to go for both the chest key & to refine ore into sand. Bastok At first we got lost in the mines. And we ended up on a boat that took us back to Bastok. So we had to go there again. This time I said lets dig the ore first from the Mithryl Seam. I got the ore on the 4th try. We then head to 3rd floor of mine to refine it into Mythril sand. Then we went to find the Quadav's to kill for Chest Key. This took 3 hours. I log off to rest. Day 1 - Interval 2: I get back on at 8 pm to go to Windhurst. There I need to get Tele-Mea Crystal, Giddeus Chest Key and complete Windh portion of Mission 2-3. This portion took a while. We chocobo it to Windh from Bastok. I search for party members to come with to help fight the Dragon in Windh part of Mission 2-3. I got Olibhear and Unworshipdangel to join me and Kirinkage. We get into Tahrongi Canyon to stop by the Tele-Mea Telecrag. However, we met up with Unworshipdangel on the way. I get my telecrystal and get another chocobo. Our previous chocobo kicked us off. So we were footing it. We meet Olibhear at the telecrag too. We get to Windh. I make my rounds and buy up all the maps, especially for Giddeus. I need the chest key from there too. We do the dragon first. Oli couldn't come in, since he hasn't completed mission 2-1. So it was just Kirin (DRG), Unworship (BLM) and me (RDM) taking on the Dragon. After we killed the dragon, Unworship had to leave. Then Kirin and I went to find the Yaguda's that we needed to kill for Giddeus chest key. We get it at the second fight. But it took us forever to find the proper Yaguda's. I get it. Then we head back to Windh to complete the 2-3 task. I am tired. It's really late. So I go to mog house in Windh and shut down. Day 2 - Last Interval: I log on to go finish of Mission 2-3 and Kazaam quest. I'm still in Windh. I join the culinary guild. I then warp to Jeuno. I finish Kazham quest. Then I chocobo it to San.D.. Then I finish off mission 2-3. I then chocobo it back to Jeuno. However, my chocobo tossed me off in middle of Battalia Downs. That's an area way too high at my level. So I had to use my instant warp scroll. Anyhow, I got back to Jeuno safe and alive. I go to log off in Jeuno. I will now be partying in Kazaam until level 32/33.

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