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Friday, September 26, 2008

When Leveling Down Is Bad For Your Health!

Played: 3 hours Got on to do supply quest to Jugner Forest with my brother Kirinkage. On his way to meet me in San.D., he got an invite for some folks to go get his AF Hands for his DRG. He said it shouldn't take too long. So I told him to meet me in LaTheine when he's done. I was going to level my spells. I head into W.Ronf.. I killed an Orc with one spell. Then I took down some crabs with 2 spells. Didn't have to use my sword. I got bored so I asked what my LS was doing. They were in the Dunes partying with Level sync. I asked if they need a powerleveler. They said sure. I head to the Dunes. I can't believe I can go into the Dunes now without any fear. I used to hate the Dunes with a passion. The hardest creature, Goblin Leecher, Leeches and Damslefly, are all easy prey to me. They don't even aggro me. I find the party and I powerlevel for a while. While doing that I get a level sync party invite in the Dunes. I told them I will when I finish pl'ing my friends. My friends' party was disbanding so I left and headed to the party. In the party you have this: RDM (me), BST, WAR, MNK, PUP and I don't remember 6th person's job. This party stunk. Besides, my failure to know which spells I can use, the team pulled things that was too easy. We moved to new location. Then they pulled things way too hard for Level 17 (aka Goblin Leecher). This killed puller, of course. Then another player thought that he can fight 2 goblins. I cured him & then I had to zone cause he died and the gob started to aggro me. I ran to Selbina. I called a friend in the area to raise puller (who was also party leader). I told leader to take off level sync when she gets raised. She's like why. Both another character and myself said because you and the other person is weak and we can't defend the party restricted to 17. So she finally took off the level sync. I leave Selbina and head back to party. We fight one more mob, before I told them I had to leave. I didn't even know that I leveled to 27. I meet my brother in LaTheine so we can go into Jugner so I can do a supply run. I thought we would fight to and from, but we just ran to and from. I can now warp to San.D. from Jugner, Qufim, W Ronf, and Valkrum Dunes. The other places San.D. is in control of right now are too high level places for me.

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