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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leveling Thief

Played: 2 hours So I have been trying to get my game working on my new MacBook Pro. However, I'm having a hard time of it. So the last time it worked to a point, I chocobo'd from Jeuno to San.D.. I haven't used the laptop since. Okay, so I get on my PS3 today. I decide to level up my THF to 15. Before I do any leveling, I was having a convo with Inchigo. I got some goodies in my delivery box. Then I changed my job to THF/DNC. I clear up my inventory. I head to W. Ronf.. I kill and kill and kill. I level to 10. Now I can use Drain Samba. Now my killing is uninhibited. I get hp as I kill. Yeah man. I leveled to 11 with a good buffer. Then I started to get tired. So I head towards San. D.. Now that I am heading home, I get party invites. Wow. I turn them down. On my way home I see my friend Vourant. I gave him a linkshell. Then I headed home and and sold stuff. Traded my crystals to the guard to increase my rank points. I need rank points full to start mission 4 for airship pass. I log off.

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