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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Name is Carby .... Carbuncle If You're Nasty!

Played: Fri night & Saturday afternoon I get on to farm, farm and farm. I really need to get $$$ to purchase spells and gear. My friend Inchigo said he'll come farm with me in Burburimo Pennisula. So I get there before him. On my way there, I get 2 more weather effects. I farm leeches before he gets there. There wasn't much competition today. I get at least 6 vials of birds blood before he arrives. He joins me. So I get to farming again. Farming Leeches By time I'm done, I get 2 stacks and 3.Inchi gave me his 9 vials. In the end I came up with 3 stacks. Not bad. Besides bird blood, I also obtained a new weapon skill and exp. That's the best. So I return to Jeuno to sell the stacks. I get a fair amount of $$ from them. Then Kirinkage said he's bored. He said he'll take me to Beauc.. Glacier to get snow effect. So I chocobo it to San.D.. On the way I get another weather effect. So now all I have to get is snow and heat. I make it to San.D. and met up with Kirinkage. We head into Rageaumont Pass to get to B.Glacier. I had to use sneak and invisible. The spells didn't last long. The stupid bats aggro'd me everytime my spells wore off. We finally made it to the zone. I get snow and warp back to Jeuno. I wasn't going to thru that cave again until I'm leveled for it. I then choco it to V. Dunes to see if I can get heat. None. Damn. So I log off in Selbina. I get back Sat afternoon. I am still in Selbina. I go into Dunes. No heat. So I head to San.D. to see if anything sold. I get some good money. So I decide to head to Selbina to buy spells. However, I decided to take Leeches in V.Dunes. I was curious to see what they drop. Just as I finished the fight. Kirinkage (who's also in Dunes) sends a tell that Heat is on. So I run to Selbina as fast as my slow character can go. I get the effect. Kirin missed it by one second. So I head back into Selbina to buy my spells: Dia II and Protect II. Then I head to LaTheine to finish the SMN quest. I reach the destination in LaTheine to finish quest, but there are like 7 ghosts there. They all check as Too Weak To Be Worthwhile, but I have a lasting fear of them from Qufim. I braved it though. I go to the spot where I need to be. I trade the Ruby to the ??? for my SMN cut scene. I unlock the SMN job. Woo Hoo! I head back to San.D. to try it out. I put on my level one gear. I go into E. Ronf. to test out SMN. I pull him out. Carbuncle and me I then level to level 2. Then Kirin said he needs to start leveling his SAM to use with his DRG. So I said I'll party with him. I continue to level SMN until he gets to San.D.. I was able to get to level 4 by time he arrives. Side notde: Carbuncle (Carby) takes way too much MP. I have to dismiss him and heal after every fight. However, I get more MP than I normally got as WHM/RDM or RDM at the same level. Kirin says he's here. So I wait for him outside in W.Ronf. He comes out and we see an airship in the sky. airship in distance We then party. Kirin levels first. Then I level. We start taking on toughs because we have a 3rd member, Carby. Carby hits so much harder than me. He's good. Then Inchigo said he wanted to come and powerlevel us. I said okay. So we party. party with Carby After I hit level 6 we head back to San.D.. I was tired so I decided to switch back into RDM/WHM. That's for the next time I log on, I will party as RDM and get my levels up. I will also do supply runs and get tele-crystals. Plus to continue farming. Hopefully San.D. will still be in control of the Meriphaud mountains next week. I start my new schedule playing next week. I will be playing Thurs, Fri and either Sat/Sun.

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