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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tele-Crystals A-Go!!!

Played: 2 hours I get on thinking I was going to get a party. Of course I didn't. I was falsely advised that once I hit 41 I will be in high demand. Not... Anyhow, I say hello to my LS and Ridant was on. He got a party immediately, lucky him. I then started to chat with Kakida. We discussed VK and what he was doing. Then Ridant came back and told me he left his party and he's willing to take me to get some of my teleport crystals. I asked why he left the party. He said a person was afk way too long, so he left. I said cool. So I said I'll meet him in Bastok. I was going to chocobo there, but he suggested I get a tele-dem. I said ok. I shouted once and got an immediate response. Wow. He met me at the teleport. He escorted me to Altepa first. Then we went to Rabao to get maps. I bought all of them. He was nice to offer me 10k to buy the maps. I told I didn't need it, but thanks for offering. That was sweet of him. Then he Warp II me to Jeuno, so we can go to Kazham. I stopped at AH to decide whether I want to sell the Opaline dress I got. It sells for 350k for the 3 pieces. So I'm still thinking about it. We go to Kazham and get my crystal and then warp II me back to Jeuno. We said our goodnights. He logged then I did.

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