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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Do This Man!!!

Played: 2 Days for various times Day 1 (11/17/08) I get on to continue questing until I get a party invite. I am in San.D.. when I logged on. So I jumped on a chocobo to head to Jugner to finish a quest. I find the guy I'm supposed to be looking for. But I had to get off of the chocobo to do it. So I just used my warp scroll to Jeuno. All the while I've been carrying on a convo with Inchigo. When I hit Jeuno, I still didn't get an invite. So I decide to level my sword skill. It is extremely low. So I head into Battalia Downs by myself. I buffer up and fought couple tigers and gobs. Inchigo decided to join me because he has to level up his dagger. So we duo throughout Battalia. At first round, we level synced to his level (30). Inchigo took on a crab. As I was going to start, I get aggro'd by a gob. I completely forgot I had on level sync. So of course we both died. No biggie. We came back out again. We killed for another hours or so. My sword skill went up from 80 to 87. Pretty good. However, my skill is supposed to be around 109. So I'm still behind. I want to get another weapon skill. Photobucket I log after an hour. Day 2 (11/19/08) I get on to finish mission 3-3. Kirinkage got on to help me. We head to Delkfurt Tower in Qufim. I cast sneak and invisible through the whole experience. Kirin killed the NM that drops the Delkfurt Key. I get the mission done without dying once. I get rank 4 along with 5k gil. Pretty decent. I also realized, that I get to keep the delkfurt key. There's a chest/coffer in the tower in the same room with the NM. I'll probably do that at level 60 or so. I head back to Jeuno. I then chocobo'd back to San.D. so I can complete mission and trading crystals to signet guard for rank points. I need a whole lot of crystals to fill my rank points before I can start the one & only mission for Rank 4. I get airship pass plus 10k gil for this mission. Woo Hoo. I log off in San.D..

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