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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Crafting & Fishing

I get on not knowing what I wanted to do. I didn't feel like partying. My brother suggested I start fishing. He said it'll help me with my cooking. Hot dog. I am dying to get my cooking skill up to make pineapple juice. It gives Refresh. So I run around San.D. looking for a rod and bait. I go to my mog house & put away stuff I really don't need to go fishing. As I am running around I am talking to Inchigo and my bro Kirinkage. We all end up at Knightswell Lake in W. Ronf.. We fish. I fish & cook simultaneously. RDM - Crafting & Fishing I had so much fun. I spent 1.8k buying supplies. I recouped 9k in selling the goods. So in all I made a 7.2k profit. Pretty good huh. I logged off with items on AH. My cooking leveled from 1 to 3. And my fishing skill went from 0 to 2. I am a leveling fool. I need wind & fire crystals though. I ran out of them. I am so happy about all of this. Anyway that was my day.

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