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Friday, December 19, 2008

Skill Ups Are So Hard To Do..

Played: 3 Hrs Got on to skill up sword and to start the Crawler's Nest Map Quest. And maybe farm. I need that map before I do my AF2 quest. It requires me to run around that place of death. So I head to Selbina to start quest. I also buy some spells. I start running around E. Ronf looking for the monument. I found out that I have to go back to Selbina to trade in after each monument. I grow sick of it. I only get one monument. Lol. My brother, Kirinkage, gets on and invites me to a skill up party with him in the Shitadel. So I join him. We take on beetles & bats. Then Titen decided to join us as his BRD. We took skeletons and bogey's too. Then Titen got bored and left. Then Kirinkage & I found ourselves in trouble with some Citadel Bats. I put sneak on. Kirin thought he was high enough. Then we were fighting for our lives. Then Inchigo was there so I invited him to our party so he can help. He did. We were in the clear then Kirin aggro'd again & Inchi was not around. So Kirin told me to zone. I was going back to raise him but he HP'd. Inchi & I walked back to Jeuno together. I log off. All in all, I raised my sword skill from 98 to 111. But I also leveled to 46. So now my cap moved from 132 to 142. Swell. I got a lot of work to do. I also have to raise my enhancing, elemental and healing levels too. I have to work like crazy. Ta ta for now.

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