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Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm The Party Starter

Played: various times 3 days Day 1: Got on when I finished catching up with RL stuff. I promised to party with Titen but I told him I wanted to finish another leg of the 4-1 mission. Of course he didn't hear me. So he started a party and then got mad at me. Anyway, I went ahead with my plans. I ended up going to Davoi first. It was supposed to be the easiest between Davoi, Castle Oztroja, and Beaudeaux. Well I found an old LS mate from KnightClub that hasn't been on for a long time; Fawnaa. She agreed to help me with this part. We meet at entrance to Davoi. We get to the special wall we needed to enter we get aggro'd by the 2 Orcs that protect it. Fawnaa was a level 53 while I was 41. They registered as Too Weak To Be Worthwhile to her. So of course, we died. My bro Kirinkage said he'll come to raise us. He's same level as Fawnaa. He starts fighting the 2 Orcs. He wasn't not making any dent to killing them when my friend SBrightblade says hello to me. I asked him if he can come raise me, Fawnaa, and Kirinkage (whom I thought was going to die also). Kirin actually just barely killed both. He had to sit & heal before he could raise. He raised Fawnaa first. Then S..blade made it and raised me. Fawnaa and I went through the wall. I got what I came for. As we were to head out, the Orc was right in our path. We had to wait until it moved. I got thru, cast invisible and made a mad dash out of Davoi. Didn't want to die again. I ended back in Davoi to get Fawnaa. She didn't have a map. I headed back to Jeuno. I created a party for the rest of the night. Kirinkage was in it. We ended up going to Western Altepa Desert. This was my first time there. Photobucket We partied, but I didn't level at all. Actually, we died towards the end. The SCH was AFK for way too long and beetles linked and we died. In the following order: BLM, PLD,DRG,MNK,RDM (me). The SCH didn't die, of course. So we just disbanded. I logged off disgruntled. Day 2: I was badgered into getting on to level my character to 46. Ok, I wasn't badgered. I was asked, lol. Just a little exageration. I only had 2 hours to play. So I get on and I wait for party. We end up going to hidden room in Crawler's Nest. I have a good time. I leveled from 41 to 43 there. I didn't take any pictures. I had to use convert maybe 3 times. I found out that there is a 10 min waiting time between uses. I also fell in love with the spell Refresh. I don't know what I was doing without it. I will never level sync below 41 with my RDM now. I am now spoiled. But I gained 2 levels in 2 hours. That was pretty cool. Day 3: I get on cause I called in sick from work today. I actually just wanted to update the game. I get on ran around a bit. I talked with Inchigo for a while. He gave me seeds :-D for me to garden with. He's such a sweety. Then I got bored, so I formed a party. I got a PLD first, then BLM, then DRG, then THF, then MNK. We head to Western Altepa Desert again. Photobucket Photobucket I leveled twice here (to level 45) and the area started getting too easy so we moved to Quicksand Caves in Eastern Altepa Desert. This was also my first time here too. Photobucket Photobucket We did very well. I didn't level any more. I learned that the Emperor Band has a 14 hour re-use timer. Damn them. After a while I decided to log. I got 5.8k/7.2k to level 46. At end we ended up disbanding.I headed back to San.D. so I can start the AF1 quest when I log back on. I plant 3 seeds and log.

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