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Saturday, September 27, 2008

RDM - Level 29 - Rank 3

Played: 4 hours Got on to help Kirinkage get his PLD up to level 30. I wasn't so concerned about me leveling. So I decided to get a level sync party together. I get a DNC and a War to start. We were in Qufim at first. As we took on some crabs I got a tell from my friend Unworshipdangel. He asked if I needed any more people. I said he. Then we discussed whether he should come as BLM or RDM. I said RDM. By time Unworship came Kirin leveled to 25. Photobucket We then head to Kazham to continue to level. Unworship found us a DRK to join us. So we took what we could with 5 of us until the DRK came. I gave Unworship the leader role. I leveled to 28 before the DRK came. When he did, we kept on fighting then couple of people had to leave. Unworship replaced them with another DRG and DNC. We continue. We tried couple of Gobs instead of the Mandoragas. We were successful with the couple we did. Except Kirin died by bomb toss. No way we could have save him with healing on that. Unworship raised him when he took off level sync. Then we decided we could take on another Gob. That was such a bad idea. The gob swas kicking our ass. I didn't realize that Unworship took off the level sync during the battle and we were still getting our ass handed to us by this Goblin. We all finally killed it barely. Kirin died again and the rest of were in 2 digit red HP readings. I mean we had people with level 43+. That was a very tough fight. I wonder if that gob was an NM. Kirin did finally level to 26 but his dying twice cost him his leveling to 27 by the end of the time. I had to leave. I was getting tired. Photobucket So I disbanded and headed for airship to get back to Jeuno. Then I saw the rest of the party members at the dock so apparently the party broke up. The ship arrives, I get on and then log off when I got to my temp mog house in Jeuno. Photobucket

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