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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still RDM - Level 25 - Rank 2

Played: 4 hrs Got on to get some buffer experience points. I say hi to my ls. They are all on. Inchi is getting married on game still. I'm in Jeuno, so I buy 2 scrolls: Invisible & Sleep. I then meet Kirinkage in Battalia Downs to see if I can kill stuff. I attack a sapling, decent challenge. It nearly killed me. I made it by the skin of my teeth. So we went to Rolanberry Field. We level synced to kill couple of wasps. We then decide to do party in Qufim. I find a WHM, WAR, MNK, PLD, and DRG. WHM, WAR and PLD was from my ls. WHM was in V. Dunes. Kirinkage went to meet her at Jugner Entrance. She was a difficult person to escort to Jeuno. Lol. We are waiting & waiting for them to get to Qufim. We were at Qufim's Delkfourt Tower. They finally make it. After 3 to 4 fights, MNK & WHM had to leave. I replaced WHM with the WAR already in party. He went & changed jobs. I got another 2 more WAR. Both from my ls's. We decide to go in the Tower. I get the longest cut scene ever. We then fight Giga's, bats and gobs. We head to second floor. In Qufim Tower There we encountered a NM Giga as well as a regular Giga. Everyone is dying. I notice WHM died so I decided to zone. I was the only one left alive. Of course I ran right into a Seeker Bat and they aggro'd me. I was so close to zone when I died by bat. I hp to temp mog house. Then I go to Qufim Tower again to OP warp back to Sandy. In San.D., I start Mission 2-3 so I can get to Rank 3. I then line up everyone to help kill Dragon in Windh. this weekend. This is my plan. I head to Bastok first. I get the tele-crystal, I get Bastok chest key for Kazam quest and then do 2-3 work in Bastok. Then I go to Windh. There, I get tele-crystal, Windh. chest key for Kazam quest and do 2-3 work. This is where I need party to fight Dragon. Then I go back to San.D. to finish 2-3 quest and then to Jeuno to get my Kazam pass. That is a lot of work. Before I log out, Inchi and his "fiance" was talking way too cutsey for my liking so I had to tease him. She is now in our LS. After teasing, I log.

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