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Sunday, September 21, 2008

RDM - Level 26 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Got on to level. I go to Kazham for the first time. I get on the airship. The programmers for this game are hot. To make an arial view like the one on the airship, they are genius. I run around the city looking for a map. I find no map. I then start looking for a party in Kazham. None available so I make my own. I got a girl from my LS who was already heading here. I look for others. I was talking to Titen and he said he'll join. So that was RDM, RNG and PLD. Now I looked for 3 more. I got THF, RNG and BLM. It took nearly an hour to get everyone together. We get into the Yohtunga Jungle to find camp. As we are looking, I, of course, gets aggro'd by a Gob. Lucky level sync wasn't on at that moment. So, Titen killed it. We found camp close to the zone. We pull Madrake looking mobs. They look adorable. They put you asleep a lot. I think I went to sleeop every other fight. I leveled to 26. Had a good time. Only person who died was the THF. The original RNG disconnected and I replaced her with MNK. I concentrated on curing for the party since we didn't have a WHM. The party was over when PLD and BLM said they had to go to Sky to help someone out. The BLM warped me back to Jeuno. He/She was really nice. At Jeuno, I decided to get to Qufim to see what I can solo. The worms were even matches and I don't fool with even matches. So I headed back to mog house and logged off.

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