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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RDM - Level 32 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Went on to level RDM. I get on to find out no one is on my LS. So I sent Inchigo a tell. He said that LS leaders were temporarily banned. So he was invited me to his other LS called Toy Soldiers. Told him when I see him he can trade me one. So I decide I was going to make a party to go to Garlaige Citadel, which most people call the Shitadel. So I invited Inchigo, Kirinkage, Oliphant,and 2 unknown people. Oli was the PLD, Inchi was the WAR, Kirin was the DRG, the other 2 were a THF and WHM. A pretty good mix. We all gather in Port Jeuno to chocobo to the Shitadel. By time we get there, we lost our WHM, but I easily found another. We decided to kill gobs in Saramounge Champaigne while we wait for the WHM. We got 2 gobs. As we were fighting the 2nd gob, a skink attacked me. So when the gob was killed they took care of skink. The WHM finally arrived. We go in and find out we are to under leveled for the area, but we plowed on anyway. shitadel party We could only take on the bats. But we managed only 1 death. I leveled to 32 during the party.

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