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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AF1 - Got It!!!!!!!

Played: 3 hours Got on to start my quest for AF1 armor for my RDM. It's called Fencing Degen. It gives the following stats: MP +10, Def: 22, Delay: 224, INT +1 and MND +1. I love the MP part but hate the delay. I don't like delays at all. Now I don't have to buy another sword, unless it gives more MP. So I get on and started chatting with LS and folks thru tell. I get in touch with an old LS mate named Delvega. He agrees to help with the AF quest when he's finished with his party. So I decided to finish the last 2 quests I had open. I made 5.350 from them. I hope it increased my fame in San.D.. In an hour, Delvega said he's ready. So he met us (Kirinkage -DRG63 and me - RDM45) in San.D.. We OP warp to Jugner and enter Davoi. I maintained Invisible while running through Davoi. We were going to areas that would aggro me. Del & Kirin fought the NM Purple-- whatsawho'sit and I got my Storage Key. This only took 15 minutes. Then we started searching throughout Davoi looking for the damn Storage Depot. It moves every 1 Vanad'iel hour. This is ridiculous. SE has to do something about that. I had to sit around for 1.5 real life hours trying to find the SOB. Just as I was about to call it a night, Del found it. We (Kirin & myself) booked it there as fast as possible before it moved again. I got what I needed and I used my Kingdom Collar and warped back to San.D.. I finish the Quest and got my sword. I was so tired and irritated that I couldn't enjoy it. SE really need to give RDM quests a redo and make them reasonable. Wasted a good chunk of time looking for a stupid hole in the ground. But alas I have it. Maybe I'll get excited the next time I'm on. BTW, my linkshell Valour Kingdom is now defunct. I can toss the pearl.

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