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Sunday, November 30, 2008

See That Girl, Watch That Scene.. We Are The FFXI Team

Played: 2 days various times. Day 1: Got on and put my party flag up. I was in Jeuno. So I decided to start mission 4-1 for my airship pass. I didn't get an invite so I went to San.D. to level DNC. My brother decided to get on to powerlevel me. So we are in W. Ronf. I only attack Tough mobs. So it went pretty well. I love dnc for the healing ability (drain samba). I level to 8 pretty quickly. We went throughout W.Ronf. and LaTheine to get Toughs, before I decided to call it a day. I did get some seeds from a sapling in LaTheine to plant. I log off. Day 2 (11/30/08): I get on to level RDM. I put my flag up. I wasn't getting any hits, so I continued on my mission. On my way to the last person for mission, before the rough parts, I get an invite to level sync 38 in Gustav Tunnel. I accept. I chocobo it all the way to LaTheine & about to enter Dunes when the guy who invited me said not to come because half the people logged. So,I just wasted 178 gil. I then just decided to go to Selbina to buy some spells. I ended up buying Water II. I then just warp back to Jeuno. I go to the AH to buy Refresh and Ice Spikes. I then just decided to run and gather all the easy pieces for the 4-1 mission. As I got to the last person, I get an invite for a level sync 32 party. I asked where the party would be. She said the Shitadel. I reluctantly agreed. I actually choco'd there by myself. Woo hoo. Yeah but I have to admit it, I used the marker I created. Lol. I get there and find my party. It is as follows: PLD, SCH, RDM (me), WAR, SAM x2. We do well. Another mage to help heal while I enfeeb & nuke. I leveled to 40. Then one of the SAM leaves. Then Kirinkage comes and replaces him as a DRG. We do a couple of fights when the SCH and PLD leaves. Kirinkage changed to PLD and then SAM replaces DRG & SCH with DNC & SAM. We continue to fight. During a rest, the new SAM asks for a LS, so I give him one. I introduces him and hold a conversation. Now that I am the only mage, we can't pull as fast. So the DNC sent me a tell by mistake. He was complaining that we should be doing 3 to 4 skill chains back and forth. Well I had to tell him some stuff, of course. He ended up apologizing. After I level to 41 I left the party. So did Kirinkage. I warp back to Jeuno and learned my new spells. Then I go out and try them out. Ice spikes is the bomb. I also learned how to use my convert job ability. Then I go in and try on the outfit for 40 that has no necessary function but to run around in. Nothing but DEF:2. RDM- Level 41 & DNC - Level 8 - Rank 4 Aren't I cute?

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