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Sunday, October 12, 2008

WHM - Level 16 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours (10/11/08) Got on to level my WHM. There wasn't anyone looking for a WHM. That was truly strange. Everyone always looks for a WHM and PLD. A healer and a tank. So I decided just to go out a kill on my own. I head to LaTheine to level. I was out there for half an hour before I started to get bored. So I head back to San.D. to change my sub job to SMN. Then I headed back to LaTheine to continue to try to level. I was out there maybe 20 mins before I get a party invite. So I had to meet them in the Dunes. I head back to San.D. To change my subjob back to RDM and then choco'd to Selbina and changed my job there. I head to Lizard camp, by myself. I didn't get any aggros. I met my party. Consists of RDM, THF, WAR, WHM, SCH, and PLD. We finally set up camp. We were level sync down to 12. We took 2 lizards and got gimpy exp. I suggested we go into main part of Dunes, maybe Oasis. So it was finally decided that we were to go. WAR and myself asked leader to take off level sync just in casewe get aggro'd by something tough. She flat out said NO. So I just warned them that if I die, my HP is Jeuno and I am not coming back. So we made it out to main area close to Pugil beach. Then for some reason we started running North East. Then we zoned to LaTheine. I asked why did we do this. Leader said one member got aggro'd by gob. LMAO. We ran this far to zone. I then ask why didn't we just zone in Selbina. It was a lot closer to where we were than LaTheine. Idiots. If I knew what was going on, I would of just went straight to Oasis. I was talking to my linkshell, VK. I headed back in to the Oasis. So we are set back to level 12. They pull a snipper and we all died. They got someone to raise us. The leader decided to leave and left leadership role to THF character. She replaced RDM with PUP. However, we were just standing around doing nothing. Then someone else left and THF replaced him/her with this DNC who I happened to party with in Kazham (he was DRG then).Then my friend Titen joined us. I asked what we were waiting for. He started to powerlevel us. Just as we start a new fight DNC dropped the party. Son of a you know what, I knew that would happen. He's a 10 yr old kid. THF found another member just as fast. We finally took snippers. At some point I level 16. Then I had to leave. That party was a whole waste of time. It was frustrating. I never want to party with original leader ever again. Let me reprase that. I will party with her as long as she's not the leader. Next time I go on, I will form my own party. As a sad note, I think my favorite linkshell is over (KC). Everyone is now on Toy Soldier, which is cool, but it just doesn't feel the same T.T. I also have my very first person who doesn't like me on the game. That I know of. Inchigo's on the game fiance, Shallia. I may have mentioned her before. But she's just rude. I don't need her to like me though. But at least be cordial, damn. We're on another linkshell again. I don't comment when she's on. But anyway, I'm out of here.

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